Bream farming methods and facilities

There are many methods for artificial breeding of earthworms, including indoor breeding, outdoor breeding, and so on. Due to the relatively high cost of indoor rearing, the current breeding farm in China is mainly based on outdoor feeding. We will use outdoor breeding as an example to introduce how to culture earthworms. Outdoor aquaculture is mainly farmed in the field. It is the use of cow dung in the fields to construct boring beds and carry out quail farming. This method is low in cost, as long as it is not strong acid, strong alkali, or land often flooded with water can be used as breeding grounds. There are many lands in rural areas that are not suitable for growing crops. This kind of land is used for breeding earthworms. Although the yield per unit area is relatively low, the cost is relatively low, and the economic benefits will be very good. In addition, due to the large number of earthworms, the soil is porous. It has better ventilation performance and can be used for no-tillage if other plants are planted after breeding. Therefore, this is a kind of farming method that is suitable for a variety of purposes in rural areas.

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