American scientists say: grass can also be used as a source of clean energy

American scientists said on September 6 that a tall ornamental plant that can be planted in Europe and the United States can provide people with a large amount of clean energy, which will not cause adverse effects such as global warming. According to a Reuters report on September 6, US researchers conducted a planting test on the plant named Miscanthus in Illinois and found that this perennial plant is a very economical and environmentally sustainable energy crop. They can grow up to about 14 feet tall. Last year, Professor Steven Long and his colleagues at the University of Illinois at the United States received about 60 tons of crop yield per hectare. Mike Jones of Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, said that planting this plant on 10% of Ireland's arable land will be able to solve 30% of the country's electricity demand. In the United States, scientists are looking at mixing this plant half-half with coal and burning it to produce electricity. In existing power stations, this technology can already be implemented, while other power stations still need to be improved. Scientists say that this attractive perennial and some similar plants can provide a method to significantly offset the radiation of fossil fuels. In response, Professor Steve explained, "When this plant grows, it absorbs carbon dioxide from the air. When it burns, it releases carbon dioxide, so the net amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere The effect is zero. "According to the "Kyoto Protocol" standard, its attributes can be considered as "carbon-neutral."

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