14 kinds of foods that make you more and more skinny

1. Laver

In addition to being rich in vitamins A, B1, and B2, the most important thing is that it contains a lot of cellulose and minerals, which can help drain the body's waste and accumulated moisture, so as to gain a stovepipe effect.

2. Sesame

Its "linoleic acid" can remove the cholesterol attached to the blood vessels, making the metabolism better, and it is much easier to lose weight.

3. Banana

Although the calories are high, but the fat is very low, and is rich in potassium, full belly and low fat, can reduce the accumulation of fat in the lower body, is the ideal food for weight loss.

4. Apple

Apple contains unique malic acid, can speed up the metabolism, reduce the lower body fat, and it contains more calcium than other fruits, can reduce the bloated salt.

5. Red beans

The stony acid content contained in red beans can increase the motility of the large intestine, promote urination and reduce constipation, thereby eliminating lower body fat.

6. Papaya

It has a unique proteolytic enzyme that removes the fat that accumulates in the lower body due to eating meat, and the pectin contained in the papaya meat is an excellent colon cleanser that reduces the accumulation of waste in the lower body.

7. Watermelon

It is the diuretic expert in the fruit, eat more to reduce the excess water left in the body, and its own sugar is not much, eat more will not cause fat.

8. Egg

Vitamin B2 in the egg helps to remove fat. In addition, it contains niacin and vitamin B1 to remove fat from the lower body.

9. Grapefruit

Everyone knows that grapefruit is extremely low in calories and eats less fat, but it is also rich in potassium, which helps reduce fat and water accumulation in the lower body.

10. Spinach

Because it can promote blood circulation, it can make the most distant leg from the heart, absorb enough nutrients, balance metabolism, detoxification stovepipe effect.

11. Celery

On the one hand, celery contains a lot of calcium, which can make up "foot bone strength". On the other hand, it also contains potassium, which can reduce the accumulation of water in the lower body.

12. Peanut

It contains very rich vitamin B2 and nicotinic acid, on the one hand, it brings high-quality protein, long meat does not have long fat, and then it can also eliminate lower body fat and fat.

13. Kiwifruit

In addition to vitamin C is its strength, the original fiber is also very rich, it can increase the speed of decomposition of fat, to avoid excessive accumulation of fat in the legs.

14. Tomatoes

Eating fresh tomatoes can diurete and remove tired legs and reduce edema problems. If you eat raw tomatoes, the effect will be better.

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