10 ways to remove vegetables

Pesticide residues in vegetables are an important issue in food safety. Especially in summer, it is not only the peak period of vegetable consumption but also the active period of pests, resulting in serious overdose of pesticide residues in vegetables.

Take a look at the 10 methods of vegetable detoxification: 1. Disregarding the season, mentioning the dishes in the morning market, due to the fact that they are not in harmony with the climate, they often use a lot of pesticides and must wash them several times.

2. It is best to use clean water for cleaning vegetables. Vegetables with fat-soluble pesticides are not easily washed with salt water.

3. Vegetables can not be cut before washing to prevent nutrient loss.

4. It is best not to eat raw vegetables. If you must eat raw, you should wash it more often.

5. Hot food is better than cooking. Some pesticides in hot foods will evaporate with water vapor.

6. When washing dishes, it is best to soak in the water basin and rinse under the tap.

7. Cabbage, Chinese cabbage should go to the outer leaves, and then rinse.

8. Feather, cabbage should first remove the root, upright rinse.

9. Bitter gourd, cucumber, if not peeled, apply a soft brush to scrub.

10. Peas, jack beans, leeks, and cucumbers, etc. Due to the long harvest period, in order to prevent immature parts from infestation, pesticides are sprinkled much more and must be washed several times.

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