How to do if the temperature of the drying box is too large?

* When the machine temperature exceeds the set temperature by 5 °C or more, it will slowly decrease and stabilize at the set temperature. Some pharmaceutical, biological, chemical, food, electronics and other industries are relatively sensitive to this phenomeno

Salt night honey and Yin lungs to deal with Qiuzao

Into the fall, many people feel dry skin on their faces and have increased external skin care. Experts remind that it is best to start from the inner water in the autumn, water and moist food is the best moisturizer.

Li Guangru, director of dermatology at Wangjing Hospital, told re

How Male Office Workers Avoid Fat Gain

There are several reasons why male office workers avoid fat gain:

1, long-term sedentary office, lack of exercise due to work stress.

2, mood depression seeks comfort from food or alcohol.

Weight and the pressure you experience can create a vicious circle: most peop

Seven strokes to prevent corn empty stalks, bald head, lack of grain

Empty stalks refer to the phenomenon that the corn plants do not grow or the ear cannot grow. Baldness is the phenomenon that the top of the ear is not strong. There are two kinds of lack of grain: First, there are several lines on the side of the ear that are not strong from the base to t

Sweet Cherry Field Management Technology

I. Soil, fertilizer and water management

1. Focus on deep turning to improve soil. 1 to 2 years after colonization, combined with Shiji Fei, to open ditch between lines or between plants, to break the status of “flowerpot type” impenetrable water in the planting hole, s

In the neonatal period, also add cod liver oil

Rickets is a common chronic malnutrition disease in infants and young children. It is caused by an insufficiency of vitamin D in the body and causes calcium and phosphorus metabolism disorders. As a result, calcium salts in the body cannot normally settle on bone growth sites. Abnormality.

Tofu can also treat 5 major therapeutic methods of tofu

Tofu is rich in nutrients, contains various trace elements essential to human health such as iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. It also contains sugars, vegetable oils and a wealth of high-quality protein. It is known as "plant meat." Tofu digestion and absorption rate of 9

What kind of cold drink people have

A few days ago, a netizen phoned me: Bear Miao nutritionist, I was the user of the cold stomach, you asked me to try a few glasses of black pepper soup every day, my symptoms improved, specifically called to thank you. I was very happy that I received such a call. A small suggestion to sol

Mid-autumn gifts or red wine is best sold

There are still ten days away from the Mid-Autumn Festival and it is time to purchase a gift. This year's gift market in the end is "every festival must rise" or is it still standing still? The reporter visited several supermarkets in Hangzhou du

How to do when the fermentation bed is moist and gathers water?

Some farming friends have reported using wet-type fermentation beds in the winter. The interior is always wet, and even on the ground, small scale blisters will form on the ground and the ceiling will drip. They are quite puzzled: What is the reason for the dampness

Give your child eggs to eat steamed eggs as well

Some parents like to use eggs to add sugar to children's food, because eggs in the eggs and parasite eggs can not be completely burned, it is likely to cause diarrhea, eggs, "Salmonella Typhimurium" and "Salmonella enteritidis", children will therefore And typhoid f