"Rough tea and light meal" is stressful

The word "rough tea" comes from the famous poem of the Southern Song Dynasty poet Yang Wanli: "The Year of the Cruel Tea." It refers to the ordinary diet, which is like a simple life. However, many people nowadays regard “rough tea” as a “light mealâ

Cultivate vegetable seedlings

"Mr. Li, please come and help us to see if this vegetable seedling has become a bright pole for a few days."

Recently, when Li Linxiu, a senior agronomist at Nanjiang County Bureau of Agriculture, came to Yushu Village in Dongpu Town, several farmers quickly asked. Li Lin

Salt must lose? Excessive salt may cause various chronic diseases

Recently, the health department pointed out that in 2008, 57 million people died of chronic diseases worldwide, accounting for 63% of all deaths. There are currently more than 200 million hypertensive patients, 120 million obese patients, 97 million diabetics, and 33 million hypercholester

Summer Herbal Medicine Prevents Five Diseases

In the summer, it is the period of frequent disease occurrence of traditional Chinese medicinal materials. If it is not prevented and controlled in time, it will bring adverse effects to the increase of production and increase of income of medicinal materials. The five disease symptoms and

Picking cantaloupe scar deeper and sweeter

"The grandmother sells melons and sells herself and boasts," and everyone praises his family for his good fortune, but he also boasts that he can't help but get him confused. How to pick a cantaloupe and pick the secret of the cantaloupe What tastes? Look good, but not taste?

Snacks honey twist

Faced with the good fermentation of the alkali, the other side and brown sugar, when the time will be divided into two pieces of fermented noodles, a split, the brown sugar and the surface of the shop, and then rub another fermented noodle, spread in brown sugar Above the surface, it becam

Abnormal corn seedlings

First, the purple seedlings

Seedling leaves, sheaths from green to red, and finally purple, 3 leaf stage began to appear symptoms, 4-5 leaf stage prominent, obvious symptoms, root undeveloped, small stems, slow growth, leaves from green to purple, and finally withered. The main rea

Prevention and control techniques of summer vegetable seedlings

First, the reasons

Mainly due to lack of light and high temperature, especially at night when the temperature is too high, more likely to occur when breathing is excessive. In addition, nitrogen fertilizer and excessive water, sowing too dense, not timely transfer seedlings, etc.,

Lamb lack milk supplement method

For lambs without milk or lack of milk, supplementation can be used to promote survival. Milkless lambs can be fed with fresh eggs, cod liver oil, and salt together with boiling water. The young lambs can be fed with the goat's milk that has been squeezed out, and the results are bette

10 ways to remove vegetables

Pesticide residues in vegetables are an important issue in food safety. Especially in summer, it is not only the peak period of vegetable consumption but also the active period of pests, resulting in serious overdose of pesticide residues in vegetables.

Take a look at the 10 method

Too much salt can be addictive to stomach cancer

Usually cooking, eating under the pavilion are very salty? Be addicted and get stomach cancer! Eating too much salt is bad for your health. Studies have shown that excessive intake of salt can lead to addiction, and even increase the risk of stomach cancer, seriously affecting your health.

Experimental animal immunization program

1. Antigen: protein, peptide, organelle, cell, tissue, etc.
2 , immune methods: subcutaneous injection, intraperitoneal injection, intravenous injection, intramuscular injection .