Feeding of bait

Feeding of bait feed: Huang Biao has a great deal of cruelty. Therefore, it is advisable to feed by size and size. The hatchlings that have just hatched for 4-5 days are mainly fed with leeches, rotifers, fresh fish paste and algae, with the best leeches. Afterwards, we can feed stew, snail, c

White rot of grape

The disease mainly damages the grape ear, especially the ear near the ground is susceptible to disease. Prevention: First, raise the height of the ear near the ground as much as possible to avoid rain splashing on the ear. Second, strengthen management. Timely binding of vines, picking up hear

Disease Prevention and Control of Paddlefish

Paddlefish larvae stage prone to enteritis, stomatitis, acne, water mold, as long as the right medicine, can be cured. Ten to 15 centimeters of fingerlings are generally not easy to die. Paddlefish are very sensitive to drugs, especially heavy metal salts, so be careful when using drugs. F

Occurrence Trend of Major Diseases, Pests and Weeds in Food Crops

Based on the investigation results of the overwintering base of crop pests this year and the weather forecast of the Beijing Meteorological Bureau this year, combined with the disease resistance of crop varieties, it is expected that the overall incidence of food crop pests and diseases in

Orchard-covered grass protection technology

Due to the drought in recent years, the cost of watering in orchards has increased and the burden on farmers has increased. To this end, the orchards cover grass. Practice has proved that the orchard-covered grass is a technical measure to preserve and increase fertility in dry land orchar

Melon Vegetables Downy Mildew Prevention and Control

Commonly referred to as the runner, it is one of the most common and most important diseases in the cultivation of melon vegetables. The onset is characterized by aggressiveness and rapid onset, which often causes serious losses to vegetable farmers. The disease only harms cucumbers, melons, p

Study finds that daily aspirin reduces cancer incidence

A British medical journal The Lancet published a study from Oxford University on the 21st that daily aspirin tablets can effectively reduce the incidence of multiple cancers and have a therapeutic effect on cancer.

The study showed that aspirin can pr

Spring and summer meat sheep stocking technical points

The abundant forage grass in spring and summer is a great opportunity for meat sheep to grazing. However, hot weather in summer can easily cause sheep to suffer heat stroke or cause other diseases. Therefore, farmers should adjust measures to local conditions and scientifically stocking them i

Mustard pickling processing technology

Raw materials: 100 kg of mustard, 10 kg of salt, ginger, pepper, fennel, cloves, orange peel, aniseed 10 grams each. Mustard must be seasonal mustard, and petiole meat without aging phenomenon. Pickling Method: The old root and yellow leaves of fresh mustard are removed, washed with clean wate

Meat rabbit short-term fattening technology

Before commercial meat rabbits are slaughtered, fattening should be carried out in order to rapidly increase meat production and improve meat quality in the short term.

First, fattening mode

1. Young rabbit fattening. The puppies began fattening after weaning. At the beginn

Fertilizers in early spring can't be mixed and used

1. Superphosphate cannot be mixed with alkaline fertilizers such as grass ash, lime nitrogen, and lime. 2. Alkaline fertilizer such as calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer cannot be mixed with ammonium ammonia fertilizer. 3. Farmyard manure such as manure and urine can not be mixed with calc