Seven simple ways to make meat tender

Starch method: After the meat pieces are chopped, add a proper amount of dry starch and mix well. Stir for 30 minutes and stir it under the pan to make the meat tender and the entrance will not be greasy.

Beer Law: The meat is dried with beer and starch, and the fried meat is fresh

Skillfully using coal ash to raise chicken

Today we introduce the method of raising chicken with coal ash for your reference. Specifically as follows: contains calcium, potassium, phosphorus, copper, sodium, magnesium, iron and other chicken body growth and development of essential substances. Feeding chickens with coal ash can improve

Gao Changhe shrimp and crabs have high mixed-use efficiency

Gaochang River, a farmer in Qiaotou Village, Guangyanghu Township, Baoying County, implemented a mixed culture of fish, shrimps and crabs in 2011, and cultivated an area of ​​12 mu. In the spring of this year, a total of 120 kg/kg of crabs, 6,000 shrimps, 140 kg of larval shr

How greenhouses naturally warm up

The so-called "natural warming" is not just raising the temperature without any reason, but because of the hard work of the unsung hero, this hero is a new high fat film.

The specific method is: in the preparation of soil preparation, hoeing or seedbed, in the soil filled

"Four Note" to Improve the Control Effect of Cucumber Downy Mildew

Cucumber downy mildew is the most important disease in the production of cucumber in the solar greenhouse. If the prevention and control measures are improper, it will easily lead to a reduction in production or even an unacceptable harvest. Since downy mildew occurs quickly and the epidem

Stem cell characteristics of amniotic epithelial (AE) cells

Stem cell characteristics of amniotic epithelial (AE) cells

   Isolation of AE Cells
1. Human placentae were obtained with the approval of the institutional review board, after uncomplicated elective caesarean deliveries fr

Heilongjiang: How 111.4 Billion Yuan Was Made

——Heilongjiang Agricultural Harvest Series Report (below)

From 62.7 billion kilograms in 2004 to 111.4 billion kilograms this year, in 8 years, Heilongjiang's total grain output has been constantly self-transcending

Housewives must learn the kitchen 8 big tricks

Cook porridge: Add a few drops of sesame oil, make the fire smaller after boiling, so that it does not spill, delicious. In addition, when the pot of water burned to 50-60 °C and then under the rice, can prevent pan paste. When porridge is good, put a little of your favorite vegetables

Protecting fruit trees from wounds

6 parts of cow dung used in cattle manure mortar, 8 parts of slaked lime and 8 kinds of grass ash, and 1 part of fine river sand. Add water to prepare a paste-like wound.

Soybean oil copper agent is prepared with 1 part each of soybean oil, copper sulfate and slaked lime. First, th

The causes of winter wheat seedlings and their control measures

The reasons for the winter wheat seedlings are mainly in the following aspects.
First, physiological death. Under normal conditions, wheat can withstand temperatures as low as minus 15°C during the winter, and is not affected by freezing. However, the overgrowth or too weak wheat seedl