How to increase the income of planting yam

Ma yam is a medicine with higher income, food, food and goods. Its hypertrophic roots serve as edible parts, and its nutrition is extremely rich. It contains 10% to 30% of carbohydrates and 2% to 4% of protein. Dried medicine is a popular nourishing and strengthening agent, and has an adju

Shell-and-tube heat exchanger design and selection steps

1. Process calculation:

1> Calculate the amount of heat to be transferred according to the type of fluid, the flow rate of the cooling fluid, the temperature of the inlet and outlet, and the working pressure.

2> Select the material of the tube and the housing according t

Ten low-cost protein feeds for livestock and poultry

Protein feed is an indispensable and relatively large amount of feed used in livestock and poultry breeding. To improve the overall benefits of the livestock industry, the following low-cost protein feeds can be used:

1. The crude protein content of cottonseed cakes and cottonseed

National pork prices fell to early July levels yesterday

According to the Xinhua News Agency yesterday, the Xinhua News Agency monitored the prices of agricultural and sideline products and agricultural products throughout the country, and the prices of pig-to-hip meat and pig pork have fallen to the level of early

Filter characteristics introduction and selection principle

Filtration is an indispensable treatment in the purification process of fluids, mainly used to remove particulate matter or other suspended matter in the fluid. The principle of the filter is to use a porous medium to remove contaminants from the fluid (liquid or gas) to achieve the desired lev

Benefits and principles of supplementing dairy cows

First, the benefits of dairy cows

1. Fat has many nutritive functions: it is a component of the cow's body and a raw material for repair; it provides essential fatty acids for animals; as a solvent for fat-soluble vitamins, it promotes absorption and transport; it is also a sou

Plants can also make insecticides

Leek leaf with 1 kilogram of water, add 100 grams of water, smashed and squeezed the original solution. Eight kilograms of water per kilogram of raw liquid is sprayed, and the effect of controlling spider mites and cotton aphids reaches about 90%.

Onion uses 1 kilogram of scallion

Pesticide mixing knowledge

In the mixed use of pesticides, adverse chemical reactions should be avoided as much as possible. Different pesticides have different chemical properties, so it is necessary to understand the chemical changes that may occur in various types of pesticides and to consider the compounding of

How to prevent black jujube seedlings

Because the northern part of the north is dry and windy in the early spring, the water evaporates strongly, the temperature rises quickly, and the ground temperature rises slowly. The soil makes the root soil not easy to defrost, and the root system cannot absorb or absorb very little water, w

How do we apply herbicide after sowing garlic?

40% Drought-Soap EC: After sowing garlic, it is watered. After the water infiltrate, 60-75 ml of dry grass spirit per acre is used, and 40-50 kg of water is evenly sprayed, and the film is sprayed 2 to 3 hours after spraying.

25% Evoxacin EC: 80-100 ml per acre with azulon, 40-60 k