Autumn is coming soon, and the greenhouse planting species must be selected

At present, greenhouses have entered the summer rest period. Farmers are busy clearing the land for the preparation of the next crop. Which kind of crops will bring great benefits to farmers? Ray Jinfan, secretary of the Agricultural Technology Center of Yangling District, Shaanxi Province

How to reduce the incidence of tomato early blight

Tomato early blight is also called roteninosis. The pathogens mainly live in the soil with mycelia and subsporidia as the diseased bodies are left in the soil, and they can also adhere to the seed surface for winter. The germs use conidia as the primary invasion and re-invasion body, relyi

Summer grape seedlings are good

Grape seedlings are planted in summer and nursery in autumn is an effective way to shorten the nursery cycle. It has the advantages of short time, reduced winter storage process and high survival rate of seedlings, good quality and quick effect. Its technical requirements are as follows: <

Greenhouse watermelon plant adjustment technology

The watermelon plants have strong branching and strong nutrient growth. The watermelon plants can be adjusted by means of pruning, pressing vines, thinning fruits, and picking up the heart to adjust the vegetative growth and reproductive growth, and promote flowering and fruit setting. The pru

Female rabbits touching the tires

First place the female rabbit to be examined on the plate or on the ground so that the head of the rabbit faces the examiner. The rabbit's ears and neck are held in one hand and the skin is secured. The other hand makes the thumb and the other four fingers assume the shape of "eight&q

How to skillfully restore tree stump bonsai branch damage

Bonsai bonsai is sometimes inevitably broken branches, affecting the overall shape of the artistic effects, it is necessary to take effective measures in a timely manner, so that wounded branches back to life, restore the original state.

As long as branches are not completely broke

Crab and shrimp mixed ponds how safe "summer"

In summer, it is not only the season of crabs and shrimps, but also the season when the weather is changeable and water quality is changeable. Diseases are prone to eruption. How can crabs and shrimp be safe in summer? It is recommended that you do the following:

First, adjust the

Goose should be properly selected for feed additives

There are many types of feed additives commonly used in geese, and they should be selected according to their different growth stages, different production purposes, feed composition, feeding levels and feeding methods, and environmental conditions. Additives should be blended with a carri