Powder processing

Mung bean powder

Take 1 kg of mung bean powder, 9 kg of warm water at 30°C, and 10 g of white peony powder. Stir quickly and stir into thin paste. After filtering with gauze, waffle the paste and use a large fire. After stirring, stir quickly until the blis

Do not feed fertilisers to boars

The quality of boars has a direct impact on the efficiency of raising pigs. A common phenomenon among rural pig farmers is the use of finishing pig feed to feed boars. As a result, boars often cause rapid growth, late sexual maturity, and poor libido. The testicular function is abnormal an

June Greenhouse Watermelon Management Technology

First, the cultivation management program: to improve the growing environment conditions. 1, ditching drainage flood control: June more rainfall, melon to do a good job of flood prevention, can open the ditch, add water pump drainage, prevent watermelon roots from flooding and cause root death

Bream farming methods and facilities

There are many methods for artificial breeding of earthworms, including indoor breeding, outdoor breeding, and so on. Due to the relatively high cost of indoor rearing, the current breeding farm in China is mainly based on outdoor feeding. We will use outdoor breeding as an example to introduc

The total salt content of the shed is high.

In recent years, due to the large investment in fertilizer, many vegetable farmers began to pay attention to soil fertigation in order to reduce input. After Liu Shifu, a vegetable farmer in the ancient city street of Shouguang City, pulled the soil in the greenhouse and brought soil sampl

Early prevention of sweet pepper sunburn

In general, when the greenhouse temperature exceeds 35°C for a long time or exceeds 38°C in a short period of time, if the air is not released at this time, dewdrops on the shed and fruit surfaces will focus the sunlight on the sweet pepper fruit surface. The formation of local high

Problems Needing Attention in Tractor Trial Operation

1. When the locomotive is engaged, it is necessary to turn slowly to the left and right respectively, and try to advance and retreat each file. 2. Regularly inspect the tightening status of various parts of the locomotive, check whether the hydraulic pressure, water temperature, and fuel suppl

How to slow the growth of vegetables

During the high-temperature summers, how to control the growth of vegetables is too prosperous and only grows up to fruition (ie, long-term phenomenon)?

First, less effective nitrogen fertilizer vegetables in the cultivation process, especially the fruiting period of the melon, oft

Pay attention to prevent rice seedbed disease

Most of rice seedlings are in one leaf stage. They are about to enter the two-leaf to three-leaf period of susceptibility, and the recent continuous low temperature and high humidity conditions in the shed will make the seedlings grow weaker and the disease resistance will decline. As the weat

Four kinds of herbs in summer are good for pigs

Recently, the author learned from the relevant information that in the summer, pigs are often fed with four herbs: purslane, dandelion, plantain, and gentian, which not only saves food, reduces costs, but also has a strong appetite for pigs, stable temperament, and gentle skin. Ruddy, brig

The prevention method of pig turning

The reason for the turning of pigs is a severe calcium deficiency in pigs. The weight of the pig is about 45 kg. It is a period when the pig's long skeleton is in its prime. If the calcium material can not meet the needs of the growth of the body, it will be restless and irritating. It wil

Peanut can increase soil production

Recently, the author's investigation into the countryside has revealed that many peanut farms have a lot of problem that fruit can not be weighed into the ground to form crops. From now to the end of October, there are still more than fifty days of peanut harvest. Measures should be ta