Ten Tips for High Yield in Cotton

Row spacing is the basis of plant spacing, high yield and stable production without crops, row spacing of 1 to 1 meter 1, plant spacing of 5,6 inches is appropriate, and other rows of cultivation without dense, good ventilation and light management.

I. Prevention and control of blindn

Occurrence and Control of Iron Beetles in Corn

Prevention technology
1. Control methods: The use of pesticides to control adults and larvae is mainly based on manual killing of adult worms and cutting of leaves. Emphasis should be placed on the prevention of insects moving into the peak period to the hatching period of eggs. The p

How to prevent soybean "fire dragon"

"Fire dragon lice" is one of the devastating diseases in soybean production in the world. It is widespread and serious. Mild disease fields generally reduce production by 10%, and severe disease fields can reach 30-50% or even yield. Some regions can lead to the inability to grow soy

How can we cultivate good cows and what methods can we use?

The more fat the cow gets, the better. Many cultivators believe that the cows are fatter and better, and they increase the amount of concentrate feed during the dry period of the cows, resulting in excessive fat for the dairy cows. Simmental cows also have some breeders who are tempted to

Woodland pest prevention and control

According to a recent survey, the poplar leaf-eating pests in Yandu District this year are mainly moth-eaten moths, mainly Yangsaurus moths. Currently, the second-generation moths are in the 1 to 2 instar larval stage. Due to severe early droughts, it is expected that there will be local a

Breeding and management techniques for laying hens

The key to the success or failure of chickens lies in brooding. The quality of brooding directly affects the growth and development of chicks, the survival rate, the regularity of chickens, the resistance of adult chickens, the amount of eggs laid by adult chickens, and the duration of peak eg

Early prevention of sweet pepper sunburn

In general, when the greenhouse temperature exceeds 35°C for a long time or exceeds 38°C in a short period of time, if the air is not released at this time, dewdrops on the shed and fruit surfaces will focus the sunlight on the sweet pepper fruit surface. The formation of local high temp

How to extend tomato results

After the first generation of tomatoes are harvested, the tomatoes can be re-flowered and the economic benefits can be improved. The following three methods can be used.
1. After the first-generation tomatoes are ripened and harvested, the pressure-seed method cuts off the yellow branches

How to prevent heat damage in hot season vegetables

The effect of high temperature on the growth and development of vegetables is usually manifested as slow growth of plants; poor flower bud differentiation, pollination and fertilization are affected, and fruit drop, fruit drop and abnormal fruit increase; fruits and vegetables are prone to sun

A quality report on imported and exported dairy products

Sanlu milk powder was found to contain “melamine” and led to a series of big brands such as Mengniu, Yili and Guangming. The milk of Sanyuan’s suspected baby was premature, and the public gradually lost confidence in domestic dairy products