Grass feed for cattle

1. The processing of grass powder uses a hammer mill to crush the straw to about 2 cm. If the screen bottom is too small, it should be replaced by a large mesh sieve with an aperture of 1 to 2 cm. Wet grass powder with warm water of 30°C~40°C, hand-knead into a group, hand loosely s

Chickens need to prevent "low temperature disease"

"Hypothermia disease" is a nutritional disease in which the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus is destroyed during the low temperature season in chickens, resulting in the abnormal growth of bone tissue. The staff of the animal epidemic prevention station said that the onset of

How to eat oil

The daily oil used by people is mainly cooking oil. This kind of oil is mostly bulk, divided into two categories: vegetable fats and animal fats. Among the vegetable oils, olive oil has a higher nutritional and health value. According to a scientific survey, people in the Mediterranean cou

How to choose piglets for fattening?

To buy piglets to do eight to see the spirit, lively spirit, eyes bright, tail swing freely, called crisp. Second, see the feces, pull the dung into a group, moderate softness, no mucus. Three look at the skin, ruddy skin, no papillary erythema, freckle. Four look appearance, no trauma or defo

Xinyi "organic pig" won the national certification

Recently, the “Xiang Zhu Yuan” brand pigs produced by Yuanyi Pig Specialized Cooperative in Yaowan City, Xinyi City were certified as organic pigs by the National Certification and Accreditation Administration Board and became the only company in Northern Jiangsu that has passed or

The disadvantages of feeding raw chicken

1. Feed wasted more.
The raw grain is not ground and grinds, saves trouble, saves money, and is convenient, but the feed utilization rate is low. Because chickens have no teeth and swallow without chewing, and the chicken intestine is short, the food the chickens eat stays in the intestin

Environmental protection methods for flower diseases and insect pests

The use of pesticides to control flower pests and diseases not only pollutes the environment but also is costly and sometimes difficult to purchase. If self-made soil pesticides prevent flower pests and diseases, not only are the raw materials easily available, they are easy to make, econo

Prevention of early rape and early flowering rape effective measures

Rape blossoms early in winter or early winter are not normal. In general, winter and mid-maturing varieties have no early flowering phenomenon; those that are semi-winter and spring are strong. In the case of early sowing, if the temperature is higher in autumn, and the winter temperature,

Xinzhi Apple Orchard Winter Management

With the continuous deepening of the adjustment of industrial structure, the price of fruit has been continuously rising, and the enthusiasm of fruit growers to develop fruit trees is getting higher and higher. Since the beginning of this year, the area of ​​newly planted app

Cancer Prevention King - Broccoli

According to ABCnews, broccoli contains a compound glucoraphanin, which is known to have the function of preventing several cancers. However, the U.S. Department of Agriculture studied 71 different kinds of broccoli and found that there are 30 different levels of glucoraphanin in 71 brocco

How to increase the fruit setting rate of greenhouse peach

Peach cultivation in the greenhouse, once the technology is wrong, will result in low yield and poor efficiency. Increasing the fruit set rate of peach trees in the greenhouse is the key to guaranteeing high yields and incomes. According to the cultivation experience of our county, fruit g

Farmers raise their pigs for a long time

Some farmers report that the pigs raised at home are unhappy or not. The survey found that the reasons for the following are the six areas.

First, weaning is irrational. Farmers raise their pigs to take a weaning method and go on the market immediately after weaning. This makes the