Eat long muscles but not too much

Many people who did strength training at the beginning did not dare to eat too greasy foods, and feared that they would affect the results of exercise. Many people also ate meat and thought that “what to eat would make up for anything.” Recently, Connecticut physiology professo

Goats are good for October

Dairy goats have a gestation period of 152 days. If they are pregnant in October, they can breed lambs in February and March of the following year. The benefits are: First, the climate is gradually warming, and the grass begins to germinate. The natural environment is extremely beneficial to t

Simple identification method for dairy cows

First, watch the bull's eye. Three particularly exposed upright blood vessels appear on the iris directly above the pupil of the pregnant cow, the so-called gestational blood vessel, which projects over the surface of the iris and appears purple. The blood vessels on the iris of unpreg

Eating durian can relieve dysmenorrhea

Durian has a strong smell. It is no exaggeration to say that it is stinking. However, in Thailand, due to high nutritional value, durian is often used as a supplement for patients and postpartum women to nourish the body. Durian hot, can promote blood circulation and cold, relieve dysmenor

Some misunderstandings in the use of fishery drugs

Light prevention and treatment of aquaculture animal disease prevention is a comprehensive process, including water quality regulation, adequate supply of high-quality food, improvement of the ecological environment, and artificial immunity. Some farmers neglect and neglect the usual preca

Postpartum precautions for dairy cows

First, during the delivery process, the female animal loses more water and energy, so a sufficient amount of warm boiled water and easily digested food (such as wheat bran) and a certain amount of salt are provided in time after delivery.

Second, the genital organs, gastrointestina

Raw garlic anti-aging

Garlic is one of the essential condiments in our daily diet. It is also a good source of food and medicine. In addition to preventing colds, preventing coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis, garlic's powerful anti-oxidant effect also makes it have a good anti-aging effect.

Wine home brewing technology

Wine is an international beverage, the output of which is second only to beer in the world. Due to its low alcohol content, nutritional value, medical value, and economic value, it is a major breed in beverages. In recent years, wine has become popular every year, which also explains the d

Salted Duck Egg Honey Drives Tracheitis

When I was a child, I often suffered from a cold because of my physical weakness. I had to cough more than just a fever. I had to wait for more than half a month for a delay, and once I had to go for two to leave a root cause of bronchitis. I had to commit several times each winter.

Strawberry "six changes" cultivation yield

1. Change the cultivation of flat rice to high ridge cultivation. The cultivation of flat stubble, the high humidity in the field, the poor ventilation and ventilation, the serious pests and diseases, can easily cause the fruit rotten, the quality of production is reduced. The use of high ridg

Corn Harvester Experience Sharing

1. Reasonable use of dividers and abutments

In China's North China, South China and Midwest regions, the maturation period of corn is about 110 days. When the corn is mature, the moisture content of the straw is still very high. Under normal weather conditions, the straw does n

Causes and Prevention of Eggs from Stress in Ducks

Nowadays, the domestic ducks that people raise are made by artificial domestication and breeding of wild ducks. They still maintain biological characteristics that are sensitive to environmental stress conditions. Among them, duck ducks are much more sensitive than ducks.