Viet Nam’s aquatic product exports rise sharply

Ministry of Agriculture of Vietnam News: In the first eight months of this year, Vietnam’s aquatic products exports totaled 2.9 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 13% compared with the same period of last year. Among them, both the export volume and t

Basic medical terms

First, the big bag: As the name suggests is the factory floor price supply, the product after the factory bidding, development, promotion work by the dealer to complete.

Second, small packets: that is, manufacturers (large regional distributors) are

Wine's second "name"

New World Wine Labels: New World wine labels are more clear and clear, and they are all in English, so they are easier to read. The most important thing for the New World wine label is to remember the name of the wine (or brand), the grape variety used and

Bailu solar fish need to prevent "white dew"

Bailu is China's lunar solar term, and it is - during the middle and mid-autumn seasons, the water temperature varies widely between day and night, and various physical factors in the water will change. Fish cannot be adapted to the drastic changes in the water environment because of p

How much do you know about recipes?

1. Tofu and spinach bogey cook tofu is made by adding salt brine or gypsum to soymilk. Magnesium chloride is contained in the bittern. Gypsum contains calcium sulfate. Spinach contains a lot of oxalic acid. It chemically reacts with magnesium chloride and calcium sulfate to produce a white

Sugar-free yogurt can prevent tooth decay

Scientists have found that sugar-free yogurt helps to remove bad breath, and it can also prevent the teeth from being corroded and prevent periodontal disease.

At the annual meeting of the International Dental Association, researchers claim that sugar-free yogurt can reduce the num

Improve milk production 3 methods

How to make dairy cows produce more milk? Now introduce three kinds of practical new methods.

(1) Feed feeding method

15 days before delivery to the peak of milk production (30-40 days after childbirth) more feed concentrate, less feed coarse material. From the 15th day bef

Application of air disinfection machine in medical workshop

Air sterilizer medical workshop has been widely used, how to choose air sterilizer according to the situation of the workshop? The calculation method is
W=CV/ ( 1-S )
W: The amount of ozone generated in the machine needs to be selected g/h
C: Bal

Four main points of summer soybean flowering management

The flowering and podging stage of summer soybean is the period with the most vigorous growth, vegetative growth and reproductive growth, and has the greatest demand for nutrients and water. Due to the postponement of summer soybean development this year, we should strengthen the managemen

Eat three dates on a day to keep women young

Jujube, also known as date, red dates. Since ancient times, it has been listed as one of the “Five Fruits” and is a traditional fruit that our people love to eat. It is known as “wooden grain”. Jujube, has more than 3,000 years of cultivation history in our country.