Causes and Prevention of Eggs from Stress in Ducks

Nowadays, the domestic ducks that people raise are made by artificial domestication and breeding of wild ducks. They still maintain biological characteristics that are sensitive to environmental stress conditions. Among them, duck ducks are much more sensitive than ducks.


Citrus root fertilization

Citrus root fertilization is to allow the root system of the plant to be inserted into the fertilizer solution in the bag and directly absorb the nutrients. This will increase the availability of fertilizers and avoid the loss of fertilizers due to sun and rain. With the same effect, the amoun

Abnormal weather conditions must be suitable for corn harvest

This year, the sowing time of summer maize in our province is generally 7 to 10 days behind last year, and the weather is somewhat dry after a certain period of time after emergence, coupled with more rainy days in recent days, which has caused a certain impact on corn growth, which determ

Orchard management must pay close attention to

After entering September, precipitation in fruit areas in Shaanxi and other places was higher than in previous years. More low temperature and rainy weather will directly affect fruit enlargement and coloration, and it is also easy to produce a variety of disease hazards. Therefore, the fr

Mooncakes eat more with hawthorn

Moon cake is now the scene of food, but the moon cake is a high-fat, high-calorie food, not easy to digest, if you eat moon cake when you eat hawthorn, not only can avoid the problem of indigestion, but also to a certain extent, reduce high fat High-calorie moon cakes bring about health pr

Eating bananas can not be laxative but can cause constipation

In daily life, many people think that eating bananas can have a laxative effect, so some constipation people often eat bananas. However, for some people, bananas not only cannot solve constipation but cause constipation. No wonder patients with constipation often wonder why the more you ea

Chicken is good for feeding leeks

Dried meat of Chinese chive contains 27.5% of crude protein, 2.28 megacalories of metabolic energy per kilogram, 10.3% of crude fiber, and various trace elements, vitamins, and aromatic oils. It is fed with leeks to increase the nutrition, germs, and appetite, etc. Efficacy, especially for

Eat broccoli to prevent osteoarthritis

Broccoli is called "superfood" because of its anti-cancer effect. According to foreign media reports on September 16, a new study in the UK found that the blue flowers have great potential in preventing osteoarthritis.

According to reports, arthritis is the leading cause

What fruits do you eat in the autumn cough?

Asthma, sore throat, and more phlegm ... sudden coughing symptoms often make people "unprepared", in fact, in addition to symptomatic medication, fruits have unexpected effects, can help you slow down the symptoms of cough.

When coughing with asthma or dry cough, you can

Modification of single-stage single-suction bearing lubrication method

IS series single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump, due to design reasons, the rolling bearing used in the centrifugal pump is lubricated with oil, and the dynamic seal leakage is very serious, threatening the safe and stable operation of the equipment. The author has repeatedly sealed the