14 kinds of foods that make you more and more skinny

1. Laver

In addition to being rich in vitamins A, B1, and B2, the most important thing is that it contains a lot of cellulose and minerals, which can help drain the body's waste and accumulated moisture, so as to gain a stovepipe effect.

2. Sesame

Its "lino

Do a good job of sunflower field selection

Sunflowers are cross-pollination crops. In recent years, there have been many plantings in different parts of the country. In some places, attention has not been paid to the field selection work. There have been problems such as mixed degradation of varieties, poor quality, and low oil con

Man eats spicy food and insomnia

Their sleep time has been shortened, mainly as a result of less sleep time and a longer period of time.

Experts said that spicy has a certain impact on people's sleep.

Spicy foods have many advantages. They both have qi and blood circulation, eliminate qi stagnation, bl

Cotton topping to make up for fat

After the cotton is topping, it is the time when each part of the organs competes for the most intense nutrients. The development of young bells after flowering requires nutrients, the buds increase, the flowering needs nutrients, the elongation of the upper fruit branches and the emergenc

Six Reasons Why Women Should Eat More Apples

One apple a day, the doctor was away from me. Apple's good for the body is known to everyone, especially to women, falling in love with Apple is equal to love yourself.

Can lose weight and help fight cancer

One reason: to lose weight

A medium-sized apple contain

Precautions when transplanting tomatoes

Autumn tomato delay but also nursery transplanting, before and after transplanting the technical aspects of what, how to ensure that the seedlings will not die, lay the foundation for high yield, which is the concern of the majority of vegetable farmers. Here I will focus on a few issues t

How to choose crops in autumn

In the autumn, various crops have matured one after another. It is a good time to retain the seeds of crops. As the saying goes: “It's a good idea to make a good scoop, so you can plant good seedlings.” This tells you to leave a good seed and seize the agricultural harvest

Chives management technology

Chives can be produced in four seasons, but the production is mainly in the spring and autumn. In the hot summer season, the focus of production is to make the transplanted chives seedlings safer over the summer in order to transplant seedlings in mid-August. During this time, we must stre

Short-run printing creates productivity for pharmaceutical packaging

Editor's Note: Printing is an extremely important part of packaging, and it directly provides a lot of benefits for packaging. Prinect's on-machine control system has undoubtedly been recognized by many well-known companies and has been applied to various de

Fermentation bed fermentation what conditions need

What are the conditions for the fermentation of the fermentation bed?

The fermentation bed is a new type of pig-raising mode in which the current sty of the sty of pigs' cement is changed to a floor with a fermentation function. The