Cement ground picking pig

The floor of the pig house is paved with cement, which is sturdy and durable, easy to clean and wash and widely used. However, during the pig raising process, many drawbacks have also been exposed. If no corresponding measures are taken, it will easily affect the benefits.

Pigs hav

Management measures after harvesting fruit from shed nectar

1. Uncovering the film to prevent the yellowing of the fruit must be removed after harvesting, so that the plant turns to grow in the open field. However, it should be noted that do not remove the shed film as soon as possible, so as not to cause physiological obstacles to peach trees, plant y

Paclobutrazol seed dressing is not desirable

Dongtai reader Zhao Jinhua said that she wanted to use paclobutrazol to control the plant height of summer maize, but I do not know how much paclobutrazol is used.

The use of paclobutrazol in the production of summer corn can achieve the purpose of controlling height, strengthening

Propolis: A New Type of Feed Additive

Propolis is a resin collected by a worker bee from a plant bud or a broken part of a tree trunk, and is mixed with an aromatic flavored colloidal solid processed from the upper parotid secretions and beeswax.

1. The chemical composition of propolis. The composition of propolis is r

Mustard cultivation management technology

First, the mouth arranging arrangement: The predecessor is spring yong bean, spring corn, watermelon, chili pepper land is the ideal plot of a kind of heart mustard.
Second, the choice of species: Dapingpu large meat heart mustard (flat head) reproductive period of 70-80 days.

How to avoid difficult goats

First, prevent premature mating of ewes. According to statistics, about 70% of the difficult-to-obtain sheep are primiparous ewes, and about 60% of these primiparous ewes mated after the first estrus. From a physiological point of view, ewes generally reach sexual maturity at 5-6 months of

Problems that should be noticed when using green feed

First, prevent nitrite poisoning. In green feed, such as radish leaves, mustard leaves, and rape leaves contain nitrate. Nitrates themselves are non-toxic or very toxic to animals, but nitrates can be reduced to nitrite when bacteria are present, and nitrites are toxic. Green fodder is sto

Main points of vegetable broad bean cultivation techniques

Vegetable broad beans are large grain broad bean varieties that are harvested as a vegetable for harvesting barley.
First, timely sowing vegetables Broad bean optimum sowing period in late October to early November. Premature sowing because of the prosperous growth before winter, prone to