The efficacy and function of Magnolia

Magnolia flower, also known as wood pen flower, spring flower, magnolia flower, is the flower bud of Magnolia deciduous shrub plant Xinyi. Sexual warm taste, return to the lungs, stomach diameter. Because it is quiet and warm, the aroma is walking, the head is

How to Manage Orchards After Disaster Relief

How to Manage Orchards After Disaster Relief

First, ditch drainage. For flooded orchards, we must do a good job in orchard ditch drainage, dredge drains, discharge orchard water as soon as possible, reduce the groundwater level, restore the ventilation conditions of the roots of fruit

Glyphosate except Pythium pay attention to safety of farmed fish

Ping, a strong fertility, can do green feed for fish. However, the ability of Tian fish to shoot Ping is limited. As a result of this situation, sunlight can not enter the water, the dissolved oxygen in the water is low, affecting the normal growth of field fish, and even the occurrence of

Men and women eat a few meals a day is the most scientific

With the improvement of people’s economic conditions, “eat less and eat more meat” has gradually become a Chinese dietary habit. Nowadays, people in urban areas have very low appetite. Most men eat five or six two a day, while women only have two or three or two. Moreove

House sand mats heat dissipation benefits

In the summer, there are many benefits for bedding sands for chicken coops and chicken activity sites, which can help prevent diseases, heat and prevent heat, and promote normal production. The five benefits of sand mating in the house in the summer are described below:
Sand bath chickens

Can oranges be eaten with milk?


About 1 hour before and after drinking milk, you should not eat oranges. Because the protein in milk meets with the acid in the orange, it will solidify, thus affecting the digestion and absorption of milk. In this period of time, it is not appropriate to eat other acidic fr

Chestnut Tree Pressure Green Fertilizer Technology in Rainy Season

Chestnut trees under green manure can improve the soil and prevent water and soil erosion. It has many advantages such as low investment, low cost and high comprehensive utilization rate. Now we will introduce the green chestnut fertilizer technology in the rainy season as follows:

"Four characters" of flower cultivation during high temperature

Temperature is a very important environmental condition for flower cultivation. It directly controls the growth and development of flowers and is flowering. Each flower has a maximum survival temperature. Above this temperature, it may cause flower burns or death.

1, the danger of

Summer meat pigeon 6 points

In summer, the climate is hot, and it is necessary to pay attention to strengthening the correct management of the meat pigeons to improve the best state of growth of the pigeons. This requires the meat pigeon breeders to grasp the following six links.

First, prevent heat stroke. A