Making sweet potato vermicelli

Sweet potato can be made into ordinary fans, but also can be made into a variety of high quality flavor fans.
1. Formula (1) Special fresh sweet potato sweet potato vermicelli: Sweet potato powder 500g, water 1000g, citric acid 20g, corn oil 80g, salt 15g, suga

Prevention and Control of Chili Pepper Pest

Physical control 1. Remove the foraged fruit in time to avoid larvae transforming fruit. 2. Plant corn traps. While transplanting peppers, according to local conditions, select early-maturing or medium-mature corn varieties, field-demanding, fixing a person's hand every morning to beat

Henan Cracks Four Problems in Wheat Deep Processing

Wheat beer and wheat monosodium glutamate are becoming familiar to everyone. How can the nutritional composition of wheat be greatly improved? How to process wheat powder? With the completion of the major scientific and technological research project in Henan Province, “the research

Selection and Treatment of Pleurotus ostreatus Cultivation Materials

Editor's note: Pleurotus ostreatus is the largest species in China's edible fungi industry and has the highest output. Since 2008, its market prices have been rising all the way. In the autumn of 2008, fresh mushrooms started from around RMB 5 per kilogram, and the highest price ro

Development of Walnut Planting Promoting Intercropping of Forest Food

Although walnuts are highly adaptable, they can grow and produce results under any conditions. However, in order to make walnuts grow well, have many results, and achieve high yields year after year, they must choose site conditions suitable for growing walnuts.

Walnut is a kind of

Mobile phone shell wear test must use paper tape wear test machine

I. RCA paper belt friction testing machine Product Name: RCA wear resistance testing machine Details: Product model brief introduction: This RCA machine is completely adjusted according to the technical standards of Norman Tool Company of the United States, and

How to use biogas sludge

First, direct use: sludge directly from the bottom of the digester. Its solid content is about 10%. In the vast rural areas, mountainous areas and semi-mountainous areas, these sludges can be used as base fertilizers in the spring or in the fall, and the mu application rate is 1000-2000 kg

Sunflower Verticillium wilt

Symptoms mainly occurred in the adult plant stage. The leaf tip parts began to chlorosis before and after flowering. The mesophyll tissues of the entire leaf chlorosis. The yellow and green spots appeared between the leaf margin and lateral veins. Later, the d