Cotton field urgently controls Spodoptera exigua

Recently, many farmers called to say that there were a lot of bollworms. They quickly ate the leaves, and they couldn't fight drugs. The author promptly led the technical staff of the Linxi County Agricultural Science and Technology Association to go to Quzhou County, Guangping County,

Directory touches agent cheese companies or commissions

In recent years, people from all walks of life have been controversial about the role of pharmaceutical agents.

Since the introduction of the Essential Drugs List (the grassroots part) in mid-August, the focus of public opinion has generally focused on the impact on hospitals and ph

Grape Poga Dragon Ball

Scientific name: Vitisvinifera

Alias: Pu Tao, grass dragon beads

Family: Grapevine


The grape is native to southern Europe and has thousands of years of cultivation history in Europe and southwest Asia. It may be introd

Pumpkin powder processing

Choose 8-9 ripe pumpkins, clean and put in 10 mg/kg hypochlorous acid solution for 5-10 minutes to sterilize. Cut into 6-8 pieces so that they can be placed in a dicing machine and then cut into small dices with a size of 2 mm. A certain amount of water must be added to the dicing process to e

Colorful Tree Introduction--Crolados

Species Name: Corolla Blue Pine

Alias: Ruiguang North American Spruce

Section: Pine Branch

Genus: Picea

Latin name: Piceapungens

Origin distribution:

Native to North America

Morphological characteristics:

Seeder inspection and maintenance

1. Before the work, the seed drill should be filled with oil at each oil filling point to ensure that the running parts are fully lubricated. Lost or damaged parts should be promptly added, replaced and repaired. Caution Do not apply oil to gears, chains, and chains to prevent it from stic

What issues should pay attention to buying pigs?

The purchase of live pigs should pay attention to the preparation before entering the pigs, the relevant issues that should be understood for the purchase of pigs, the relevant procedures, the selection of healthy pigs, and the safe transportation.

(1) Preparation before entering t

Tao Ye

Dichocrocis punctiferalis Guenee is also known as Peach. The lepidoptera is a moth family. In the south and north fruit production areas in China are distributed. The food is miscellaneous and the host is widely used. It damages fruit trees such as peaches, pears, apples, plums and hawthor

How herbicides should be mixed

Herbicides are mixed and need to master the following principles:

First, the herbicide range of the two herbicides should be different.

Second, quick-acting agents should be mixed with delayed agents, and long-acting agents should be mixed with short-acting agents.

Feed ducks to see how they weigh

The ducklings have an egg production rate of more than 80%, and the weight of the ducks slightly decreases, and the animal feed should be fed appropriately. The weight of the ducks increases and the body has a tendency to gain weight, but the egg production rate is still 80%. Appropriate feedi

Multi-flowered black vine, African jasmine

Scientific name: Stephanotis floribunda

Alias: African jasmine, cluster of wax flowers bride flowers

The name "bride" is:

Because of its pure white flowers and its pure meaning, it is used as a wedding hand-held flower and decora