Summer crops also "heat stroke"

In the summer and autumn high temperature season, not only people are prone to heat stroke, but also the normal growth and development of crops will be affected, causing so-called “heat stroke”, that is, high temperature heat damage. Defensive measures should be taken.

The technology of cultivation of the fungus

The fungus is a year-old vine of the Kwai flowering genus. Its leaves are hypertrophic, elastic, and taste good, slippery and delicious, resembles fungus, hence the name of the fungus. Now we introduce the cultivation techniques of edible fungus as follows:

First, the cultivation m

Symptoms and prevention of boron deficiency in Celery

The leaves of Celery celery appear to burn and die, starting from the new leaves first, showing a new leaf deformity, irregular chlorosis between veins, and burrs on the stem. Afterwards, the leaves became thicker and brittle and stem cracking occurred, and the heart burned. When cultivate

How to prevent pepper powdery mildew

Pepper powdery mildew is mainly a dense white poisonous spot on the back of the leaf, which spreads throughout the entire leaf's back. When the disease is severe, the diseased leaves fall off and occurs at relatively low temperatures and continuous rain.

Pepper powdery mildew b

Pest control in apricot cultivation

Almond bee: The larvae overwinter in the apricot nucleus or in the apricot nucleus on the shoots. The female adults spawn between the nucleus and the almonds. The oviposition holes on the fruit surface are not obvious. They are slightly grayish green, sag, and sometimes spawn. The hole has apr

Dry field drying technology

When the early flowering stage is cut, the moisture content is generally 75%-80%, and the safe moisture content of the preserved hay should be 14%-17%. However, the drying process of earthworms is not only a pure plant dehydration process, but also has significant changes in its physiologi

Forest medicine interplanting must pay attention to five major issues

The use of interplanting Chinese medicinal materials in returning farmland to forests in mountain areas is an effective measure to increase land utilization and increase farmers' income. However, the following five major issues must be addressed.

Adaptability of selected varieties

Buy farm machine avoid corruption cheap

Look at protection. Most agricultural machinery must have protective measures. This is a national mandatory standard. For this reason, you must choose products that have reliable protective measures, have hidden dangers, and have warning signs. This will not only ease the use but also avoi

Barley net spot

Symptoms mainly affect the leaves and leaf sheaths and less infect the stems. The incidence of seedlings, lesions more than 1-2cm away from the tip. The incidence of adult plants mostly starts from the base leaves, and the tips of the leaves turn yellow. The brown

How to farm snails

Farmers who use small water or rice fields to raise snails can achieve considerable economic benefits. Now the snail farming technology is introduced as follows:
First, the snail breeding site selection The snail breeding site should choose ample water, good water quality, humus soil and

Rex Rabbit's Latest Breeding Techniques

1. Sexual maturity and initial mating age. Reproductive indicators of Rex rabbits under normal feeding management and normal nutritional conditions are: Male rabbits are sexually mature from 3 to 3.5 months of age but the initial allocation cannot be less than 4 to 5 months of age. The weight

Huaibei fruit pear anthracnose will occur greatly

With the approaching of the rainy season, the precipitation in the main fruit-producing areas in our province has gradually increased, and the climatic conditions are favorable for diseases such as pear anthracnose and pear fruit borer. The plant protection department of our province recently