High yield of spring soybeans

There is a high yield of spring soybeans, a good choice, timely sowing of spring soybeans should be selected for high quality and disease resistance of the medium-early maturing species. For example, the good varieties of red soil hilly land are Yuedong 2.1 and Messi dwarf early yellow that ha

Aquatic biological proliferation management regulations

People's Republic of China Ministry of Agriculture Order

No. 20

The Regulations on the Management of Aquatic Biodiversity Relief and Release has been reviewed and passed at the 4th executive meeting of the Ministry of Agriculture on March 20, 2009. It is hereby promulga

Prevention and Control of Several Physiological Diseases of Tomato

In tomato production in recent years, due to improper cultivation and management, more and more physiological diseases on the fruits, stems and leaves, these diseases have a great impact on the yield, quality and economic benefits of the tomato.

One, umbilical rot disease (black navel) …

Chutian Laser held the 2009 International Medical Laser Summit

On April 25th, in order to promote the wide application of medical laser technology in domestic clinical departments, improve clinical operation skills, and promote exchanges between experts and scholars at home and abroad, sponsored by Asia Photonics Beauty Society, "20

Strengthening aquaculture management during the Meiyu

In the rainy season of aquaculture ponds, the lighting conditions are poor, the water body lacks nutrients, the photosynthesis intensity of phytoplankton is weak, and the excretion of farm animals increases, the water quality is easily deteriorated, and oxygen deficiency is easily caused. The

Three cups of chicken practice

Ingredients: Chicken wings

Practice: Wash chicken wings, put oil in frying pan and fry water vapor, Prepare a cup of soy sauce, a cup of scallion, garlic, garlic, aniseed, a glass of wine, pour into chicken wings. Burn to ten minutes and thicken the soup so that the soup goes into the

How Tea Management Manages Abnormal Weather

After entering March, the cold air is still more active. From time to time, “shocking” is the crucial period for spring cultivation and preparation of tea. Then, what problems should be paid attention to by the vast number of tea farmers under changing climate conditions? On March

Flusilazole is effective in preventing pear scab

Pear scab is an important disease on pear trees, which can harm the branches, leaves and fruits of pear trees, resulting in a decline in pear yield and quality. Fruit farmers often suffer from problems such as poor control efficacy due to improper use of drugs. To this end, the Fruit Research

How to reduce pig infectious diseases

How to reduce pig infectious diseases

The rapid fermentation of wastes such as feces can effectively prevent the occurrence of swine diseases. As long as wastes such as pigs, human feces, and pig litter are properly and timely disposed of, they can effectively improv

Soybean spring cultivation

Soybean sprouts are warm and the seeds start to germinate at 10-12°C. The optimal temperature is 15-20°C, the optimum temperature for growth is 20-25°C, the optimum temperature for flowering and podling is 20-28°C, and the temperature is delayed at low temperature, which is lower t

Wheat seedlings are not prosperous cause of death

First, the wheat seedlings of the two wheat fields are prosperous, and even exhibit sudden plant death and root necrosis. This is mainly due to the fact that a large amount of high-nitrogen-soluble fertilizers are used as base fertilizers for one-time application. The application depth of base