Tractor tilting head

First, when the tractor just tilts its head, the front wheel just left the ground, then you can step on the clutch pedal, let the front wheel touch the ground, and then immediately brake.

Second, if the tilt angle is large, but it does not even have the risk of rollover, you can immediatel

How to prevent cucumber bitterness

1. Use less bitter varieties. Most of the hybrids prepared by the scientific research units currently used will not produce bitterness.

2. Reasonable fertilization, winter phosphorus fertilizer should be increased. Avoid large amounts of nitrogen fertilizer applied to a single plant

Watermelon set of peanuts

The dual-membrane watermelon interplanting peanut planting pattern not only ensures the watermelon market in the morning and obtains high benefits, but also increases the peanut production. It is a high-yield, high-efficiency planting pattern.
A selection of good planting specifications e

Add grease to feed bunnies well

The vegetable oils that can be used are soybean oil and oil foot, soya lecithin oil, rapeseed oil, camellia oil, peanut oil, corn oil, etc.; optional animal fats include lard, butter, sheep oil, fish oil, chicken oil and other livestock and poultry. oil. The oils added to the pellet feed must

Causes and Prevention of Gingko Leaf Yellowing in South China

In areas such as Jiangxi and other southern regions, especially Ginkgo biloba seedlings and new gardens on the low hilly land of red soil, the plants gradually and yellowishly began in mid-to late-April, and after the late leaves were dark brown and brown and coke fell off, some plant buds

Litsea cubeba cultivation techniques

First, the breeding method

1. Seed propagation

(1) Harvesting Seeds Chicken peppers are propagated by seeds, and it is advisable to choose a strong, vigorous fruiting mother tree to collect seeds when most of the fruit becomes dark. Can be covered with plastic cloth. The se

Rice brown planthopper and its control

Brown planthopper is the first major pest in rice in China and many Asian countries. It can only feed and breed on rice and wild rice. The rice plant and nymph are clustered at the base of the rice plough to suck the sap of rice plant and reduce grain weight. The increase in the rate of bu

Introduce 3 Super High Yield Giant Soybeans

One, Giant King No. 1

It is the latest yoghurt and the new giant soybean line. The variety has a large grain, 100-grain weight 40-50 grams, a maximum of 60 grams, light brown umbilicus, round and full, golden shiny, easy to threshing, good appearance and merchandise, high white bar

Low-toxic pesticides can not be multi-spray

At present, the existence of high-toxic pesticides in many farmers is a misunderstanding of high-efficiency pesticides. Instead of using a measuring cup, pesticides go along with the feeling. Even three or four pesticides are mixed together and it is believed that this control effect will cert

Artificial breeding

Due to its unique flavor, rich nutrition, and good health care functions, the market demands more and more, and the price is getting higher and higher. However, relying on wild resources, the contradiction between supply and demand cannot be solved. broad. For the successful breeding of earthw

Skillfully using fish slurry for breeding fish

The use of a beater to break the water hyacinth and water lotus into pulp is a quality feed for the cultivation of fish seedlings. Tests have shown that every 10 kilograms to 15 kilograms of straw pulp are equivalent to the effect of 1 kilogram of soybeans. Each 150 kilograms to 200 kilograms