Crab growth and management

The crab is a variable-temperature aquatic animal. The water temperature of 20°C~28°C is suitable for its growing period. It is a good job for all feeding and management work during this period and it is the key to raising the production, specification, quality and economic benefits

Nutritional diagnosis and formula fertilization for earthworms

Formula fertilization is the result of comprehensive application of modern agricultural science and technology. There is less research on formula fertilization in perennial fruit trees and application is also late. For formula fertilization, it is necessary to understand the nutritional charac

Xiangyun Golden Dragon Pond Culture Technology

Due to the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for the quality and taste of farmed fish are getting higher and higher. Hunan Xiangyun Biotechnology Co., Ltd. cooperated with Hunan Normal University to develop and produce the latest three on the basi

Mushroom regeneration high yield cultivation

Flammulina velutipes has strong regenerative branching characteristics. When the mushroom is dry, many new fruiting primordiums are formed on the stalks of the mushroom. If properly managed, the mushroom can develop into a quality mushroom body. The use of this feature to produce Flammulin

Control measures of brown spot of Agaricus bisporus

Brown spot disease sometimes occurs in the cultivation of Agaricus bisporus, resulting in a decrease in the quality and yield of double bubble mushrooms.
The brown spot of Agaricus bisporus is caused by Pseudomonas Torrensis, hence it is also called bacterial brown spot of Agaricus bi

The Natural Enemies of Grape Pests, Their Protection and Utilization

There are many natural enemies in the vineyard, mainly predatory and parasitic. Common predatory natural enemies such as grasshoppers, ladybugs, spiders, crickets, etc., can kill a variety of pests and even various insect states. Parasitic natural enemies mainly include a variety of parasitic

Black bean seedling production new technology

First, tools and production sites
1. Foam box: The specification is 564017 centimeters and the weight is about 250 grams. Such as Nissan watercress 10 boxes, about 110 boxes.
2. Venue: You can use idle houses, close

To prevent the ewes from refusing to breastfeed the lambs

1 The ewes are timid, and they are more likely to appear in the early stages of breastfeeding than to refuse to give the lamb milk. In general, such ewes are characterized by high vigilance, flexible ear movements, and special sensitivity to sound reactions. A person's slight touch is irri

High-yielding cultivation techniques of greenhouses

First, prepare before planting

(1) In order to select white-green purple mud fields with high fertility, the groundwater level is high, and no rice fields have been planted in the previous year. The plots are to be built into east-west directions and 8 meters wide.

(2) Clam

New technologies for eco-environmental ponds and rice-fish ponds

é³– (Amyda sinensis), your soft-shelled turtle, local fish, yuan fish, water fish, feet fish, 38 and so on. The genus Reptilia, Tortoiseshellidae, and Polygonaceae. There are more than 30 species of genus and three species in China, namely Chinese wolfberry, northern oyster and mountain ri