Gold baby bacteria fertilizer (ecological fish)

Gold baby bacteria fertilizer (ecological fish)
In the method of fish farming with compound feed, the cost of feed accounts for more than 60% of the culture cost. How to reduce feed costs has become the key to improving the efficiency of pond culture. Water qua

Crab and Crayfish Pond Eco-enrichment

The ecological polyculture of river crabs, crayfish crayfish ponds, the requirement for anti-escape facilities in ponds, disinfection in clear ponds, etc. are similar to those in ponds.

The water temperature of transplanting plants was above 5°C, and about 10 days after disinfec

Spring ducks need to pay attention to matters

When we choose to put spring pastures in pastures, we can prepare the green fertilized ducks for planting in the rice planting areas. There are more natural animal and plant feedstuffs such as grass, grass roots, alfalfa, and insects. It is not appropriate to plough the grass after transplanti

Jinbao conditioner benefits many

The benefits of the Golden Baby Conditioner Multi-plant growth regulators are special substances called "hormones" that are found in plants. Although its content is small, it can control the growth and development of plants such as germination, rooting, gr

Prevention and Control of Eggplant Verticillium Wilt

We will earnestly implement the plant protection policy of “prevention-based, comprehensive prevention and control” and fully implement preventive measures such as agriculture and chemistry.

(1) Implement crop rotation, deep-turning and soil reform, combined with deep-t

Lamb food and fattening technology

For fattening lambs, they should be allowed to eat early during the period of lactation. In particular, goats should be poor in their ability to feed. In order to protect them from early feeding and eating during lactation, special attention should be paid to the palatability of the select

Peacock breeding technology

Artificial breeding peacock has great development value, considerable economic benefits and broad market prospects. The breeding techniques are now described as follows:
I. Breeding and rearing of a finch
1. The venue and the fence peacocks are afraid of being frightened, require

The benefits of fermented feed for drowning

The advantages of the fermented feed of eucalyptus water are many. The jinbaoyu fermented auxiliaries are obtained through a series of high-tech means such as separation, screening, mutagenesis, purification, and rejuvenation using the latest international microbiol

How to prevent premature aging when cucumbers are grown in early winter

Recently, I visited the cucumber planting area and discovered that most of the greenhouses are difficult to avoid the problem of premature plant growth in the spring. Over the years, in the cucumber production of winter greenhouses, the Gualou will gradually decline in March each year, and the

Prevention and Control Techniques of Mango Soot

Fungal diseases. At present, six kinds of pathogens causing mango sooty disease have been found in China. Damage leaves, shoots, fruits, affect leaf photosynthesis and fruit appearance.
Control methods: First, the planting and pruning are reasonable and the canopy is kept airy and transpa

What is slow/controlled release fertilizer

1. Controlled release fertilizer. The generalized controlled-release fertilizers include all slow-release fertilizers that can prolong the release period of nutrients, and the exact controlled release fertilizers mean that the nutrient release is set by a certain regulation mechanism or me