Reprocessing of livestock and poultry manure

As the aquaculture industry gradually develops in the direction of scale and intensification, the excrement of livestock and poultry is more conducive to collection and processing. A large amount of manure is treated scientifically, not only supplying crop green manure, providing fuel to peopl

Livestock manure processor

Haimen Xingye Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Machinery Equipment Factory of Jiangsu Province, complete sets of livestock and poultry excrement disposal system equipment (national patent products, patent number: ZL200320123689.4), can completely solve the large-scale livestock and poultry exc

Rabbits' Autumn Propagation Focus: Fighting for More Lives

It is the ultimate goal of breeding to strive for more livelihoods and to make the young rabbits robust. More pregnant and more productive, but if you do not live, you will not be able to do a good job.

First of all, we must do a good job of production. Due to careless management,

Lotus root storage preservation

Lotus root is a large area of ​​aquatic vegetables grown in China, and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and other provinces in the south are rich areas. Lotus root is rich in nutrients, crisp and tender, sweet and sweet, with the health benefits of spleen and app

The breeding characteristics of long-haired rabbits

The breeding characteristics of long-haired rabbits, long-haired rabbits should not be mated after sexual maturity. Generally female rabbits are 7 months old, weighing more than 2.5 kg, male rabbits 8 months old and weighing more than 3 kg. A male rabbit can be equipped with 5 female rabbits.

Eucalyptus Sowing and Seedling Technology

Eucalyptus belongs to the phytophthora Eucalyptus deciduous tree. The spring leaves are mostly red, yellow in autumn leaves, very beautiful, summer blossoms, golden trees, very spectacular. It should be suitable for Tingyin trees, street trees, and landscape trees. It can also be used as a

Spodoptera exigua L

In recent years, the damage of Spodoptera exigua in cotton has become more serious. Because the insects are extremely resistant, they cannot be treated with common pesticides. Some cotton farmers call them "unbreakable cotton bollworms." So, how to identify and control this worm?

How to control the tomato field "grass"

In recent years, farmers have encountered an annoyance: There are a lot of unknown grass growing in the greenhouse, and it is difficult to clean up once it occurs; everyone calls this kind of grass “grass”. Why is it called "grass"? Because of this small yellow flower

When ponds are aerated

The timely activation of aerators to increase dissolved oxygen in fish ponds can improve water quality and reduce the phenomenon of “floating fish”, but it is a good time to start the machine.

When it is turned on at noon on a sunny day, the temperature of the upper and