Pig's patron saint--Goldbeine fermentation bed

The most troublesome thing for farmers is that pigs get sick. No matter how fat pigs are, they must lose money once they get sick. Jinbao fermented bed pigs can increase the immunity of pigs to improve the disease resistance of pigs and enable pigs to grow healthily in

Hay powder feeding chicken is good

Hay powder (especially legume flour) is rich in protein, minerals, and carotene. It was determined that each kilogram of high quality alfalfa meal contained 230 grams of digestible crude protein, 13 grams of calcium, 2 grams of phosphorus, and 248 milligrams of carotene; its nutritional value

There are seven strokes in the autumn strawberry planting

First, the choice of soil toxins on the soil is not strict, but the thick soil, fertile soil, sandy soil from the water near the best colonization of grass poison, can increase the yield and quality of grass poison.

2. Soil preparation and soil preparation The soil with loose and w

Prevention of root rot of garlic from the start of sowing

In the spring of this year, a large area of ​​garlic has appeared dry tip phenomenon, which has led to a decline in yield, which has affected the selling price of garlic sprouts and reduced the effectiveness of garlic cultivation. With regard to the phenomenon of garlic tip d

High yield sesame cultivation techniques

Sesame, also known as flax and linseed, is a hi-temperature crop. Its varieties are black and white. It is both an oil crop and an industrial raw material. The high-yielding cultivation techniques of sesame are:

First, timely sowing. Because sesame is a warm crop. Therefore, it is

Causes and Solutions of Boron Deficiency in Strawberry

The main causes of boron deficiency in strawberry are: (1) Soil acidification, boron leaching in large quantities (2) Excessive lime application can easily cause boron deficiency. (3) Soil drought, plant growth accelerated at high temperatures. Due to the poor mobility of boron in the plant bo

Persimmon tree winter management

One, winter pruning

1. Pruning of saplings Saplings of overgrown saplings are planted on a timely basis and used in conjunction with the summer of the following year to promote new shoots and lay a good foundation for the early results of persimmon trees.

2. Trimming of the

Carefully selected premium gilts

In swine production, sows need to be constantly updated, that is, timely selection of high-quality gilts for replenishing sows at the same time of culling sow frailty, delayed estrus, effective lactation capacity, and breeding sows. The so-called gilts are the sows whose piglets are kept u

Winter potted flower management points

The early winter season is a critical period for the accumulation of nutrients and flower bud differentiation in potted flowers. At this time, the management work directly affects the ability of flowers to withstand winter cold and flowering in the following year. The following work must b

Technical maintenance of small wheeled tractors

1. Frequency technical maintenance (10-12 hours per job). Remove dust from the outside of the machine body, clean the air filter if necessary; check the tightening of the bolts of various departments; add butter according to the lubrication surface; check the tire pressure; check the oil p