Strawberry Powdery Mildew Symptoms and Prevention Measures

Powdery mildew is one of the most important diseases that damage strawberry. Especially under protected cultivation conditions, the temperature and humidity are more suitable for the occurrence of the disease, so it is more serious than the open field. Severe disease can significantly reduce t

Huang Hao efficient feeding technology

Astragalus is a carnivorous fish. Its main foods are quail, cockroaches, fly maggots, small fish and shrimp, cocoon, and river meat. Artificial feeding, in the case of insufficient animal feed, can also be fed some plant foods, such as bran, rice, melon peel and so on.

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How to fight against drought and high yield of cotton

Drought and locust plagues are the most common and serious natural disasters in the cotton production process. Both have great impact on cotton production and quality.

There are three main hazards of drought to cotton growth and yield: First, under drought conditions, the cotton pl

Breeding and Inducing Production of Bullfrogs

1. Breeding and mating should be carried out according to the requirements of systematic breeding. It is necessary to prevent and avoid close relatives. The estrus male and female frogs are placed in the spawning pond or in the pond at a ratio of 1:1 for their own spawning. Male frogs should n

Prevent and treat cabbage root rot from the seedling stage

Early spring cabbage is often prone to root rot, resulting in a large area of ​​dry seedlings die, causing greater losses in production. In the spring of 2006, our disease caused a great impact on some vegetable farmers and caused heavy losses. In view of this, the author reminde

Technical methods for storage of rapeseed

Rapeseed is one of China's traditional main edible oils, and it is often ripe from late April to mid-May. Rapeseed grains are small, thin, and have a large contact area with the air. It is easy to absorb moisture. If there is rain before or after harvesting, the water stored in the warehou

Pellet feed to rabbits works well

Rabbits in rural areas in the north, farmers are accustomed to feeding rabbits with wet mix powder, because the wet mix powder needs to be added when the feed mix, resulting in a good feed due to high moisture content and not easy to save, there is a summer fear of spoilage, winter Fear of

The best period of maintenance of the idle stage harvester

The combine harvester has a short time of use and long idle time. To maintain a good technical state of the harvester and effectively extend its useful life, high-quality maintenance during the idle period is very important.

1. Dust, straw, seed meal and other impurities inside and outside

How to keep pigs cold in winter

How to protect pigs against cold in winter is the most concern for pig farmers. Pigs are not allowed to be sloppy in winter, because the winter temperature drops, the pig is very susceptible to disease, affecting fattening. Scientifically increasing the temperature of colds can promote the

Key Techniques of Cucumber Storage in Crypt

Late autumn and plastic greenhouses should be used after the fall of cucumber cucumber for a large number of storage. Before and after the first frost, trenches are digged along the east-west direction at the shade, with a width of 1.7 to 2 meters and a depth of 1.3 meters. The length can be d

About cultivation techniques of seedlings

(I) Pond Structure and Conditions The pond area is 0.5-3 mu and the average water depth is 1 meter. The wall of the pool adopts a masonry structure with a height of 1 meter. The top of the wall is covered with a cover stone and the cover stone extends inwards by 5 cm. The foundation is to be d