Feeding management of dairy cows at the end of lactation

After the mid-lactating period, a period of time before the dry period is generally referred to as post-partum 201 days until the time of stopping the milk. After a large amount of lactation for 200 days, dairy cows have a significant decrease in body weight. They should appropriately incr

Garlic cultivation techniques

Garlic yellow is a popular fresh vegetable in the off-season of winter and spring vegetables. Its growth cycle is short. It takes only 20 days from planting to harvesting. Generally, it can be continuously produced from cold dew to equinox, and it can be cultivated as needed. The technical poi


【Catering cuisine】 Cantonese

【Features】 Refined color, fresh fragrance, rich nutrition, suitable for all seasons

【raw material】
Mushrooms 80 grams (preferably 24), 50 grams of fat pig meat, fresh shrimp 300 grams, 40 grams of crab yellow,

Broad bean disease prevention and treatment

To achieve high yields of soybeans, it is mainly necessary to solve the four problems of “species, water, fertilizer, and light”. "Deep and narrow dense" cultivation technology is based on this principle and formed a comprehensive high-yield technology supporting cult

Pre-use adjustment of rotary cultivator

1, level adjustment. Remove the cultivator from the ground and check whether the height of the knife tip at the left and right ends is the same as the height of the blade. You can adjust it with the right lifting lever.

2, before and after horizontal adjustment. First, the rotary t

Breeding technique for meat pigeons

The pigeons belong to late birds. The pigeons are born with weak body and eyes are not open. The body has only a few new born feathers. It has poor thermoregulatory function, weak disease resistance, poor mobility, and is not adaptable to the external environment. It does not walk. , relying o

Grape storage characteristics and harvesting

1. Variety and storage characteristics There are many varieties of grapes, most of which are breweries. The main varieties suitable for fresh food and storage are Kyoho, Olympian, Longan, Milk, Heihan, Rose-rose, and Palgar. In recent years, red earth (also known as late red, product name is A

Key Techniques for the Cultivation of New Honeysuckle Variety

Land selection and site preparation. Jin Cuilei, Yin Cuilei and Baiyun Xiyang are not tolerant to shading. They should be planted with sunny loam, deep soil layer, loose soil, good ventilation and drainage, and sandy loam with a slope of 15 or less. The three new varieties have strong growth p

Scorpion's living habits

Scorpions are hypothermic animals, and as the temperature rises, it also starts awakening, growing, and giving birth from hibernation.
1. In terms of habitat: Gardenia likes to live in a dark, damp place and often lurks between gravel, soil, and crevices. It likes

New Flavor Generation Method: Biological Gene Extraction of Fruit Flavors

CNET Science and Technology Information Network reported on July 12, 2006 New Zealand scientists said that a comprehensive interpretation of fruit genetics science will help find a revolutionary way in the production of food, cosmetics and perfumes.

Researchers at HortResearch, an Auckland

Tianjin sauce meat processing technology

1 Ingredients: Ingredients: 5000 grams of white meat (net meat). Accessories: 200 grams of salt, 250 grams of soy sauce, 50 grams of sugar, 75 grams of Shaoxing wine, 100 grams of green onions, 100 grams of fresh ginger.

2 processing methods:
Choice of materials: Use pork that