Reducer use and maintenance

Everyone knows the speed reducer very little. How should we maintain the normal use of the reducer in the production process? The maintenance of the reducer is a common problem for many operators. Below we will share with you. Le

During the young age of red deer, feed should be fed

The young deer of red deer were fed lactation feed during lactation, and the growth and development of the deer were more obvious. The weight of the deer was higher than that of the young deer of the same age who had not been fed the replacement feed. The difference was extremely significant.

Prevention and Treatment of Solanum Maculae

Solanum maculosa, also known as eggplant, tomato eggplant, belongs to Lepidoptera. The larvae damage eggplant buds, flower buds, ovary, eat tender stems, shoots and fruits, causing shoots withering, falling, falling fruit and fruit rot, and losing their food value. The candel was heavier than

Potato seed potato storage method

First, the temperature of the potato during storage is most closely related to the temperature. As a storage of seed potatoes, it is generally required that storage at a lower temperature condition can ensure the quality of seed use, so that the field is fertile and has a higher yield. In Octo

Autumn cows mating when caught

The autumn weather is cool, the forage is abundant, the feed is adequate, the bull is energetic, and the cow has a short estrus cycle and long duration. It is the golden season for breeding. Therefore, the author suggests that the cattle farmers should seize the opportunity to breed the cows i

Citrus Simple Storage Technology

First, the technical characteristics: less investment, long storage period, low corruption, high efficiency. Second, the key technologies: anti-corrosion drug technology, appropriate stack height, temperature and humidity control, timely inspection. Third, the implementation of the main points

The old car should pay attention to the oil

Recently, in the rural villages and villages group, it was discovered that some specialized agricultural machinery transporters believe that the locomotives operating on the road for five or six years are "old, old, and quickly running out of capital," and that they can use oils to b

Apple's several disease prevention methods

First, the incidence of factors 1, environmental factors. The drought, high temperature, windy and orchard environmental mutations during apple growth and development are the direct causes of crack disease. Under long-term drought stress or cyclical drought conditions, apple fruit epidermal ce

Occurrence and Prevention of Radish Yellow Leaf Disease

I. Occurrence of radish yellow leaf disease: In the early stage of disease, the lower leaf of one side of the plant changes from green to bright yellow. The yellow vein near the main vein of the old leaf turns yellow between the main veins of the old leaf, and all the leaves in the lower part

Pig feed material ten methods

Cross-breeding pigs Hybrid pigs grow fast, consume less material, and have high benefits. They are worth promoting. According to statistics, feeding a hybrid pig can increase daily gain by 30%, save feed by 40%, and reduce the incidence by 60% to 80%. Timely mating of piglets to early weaning