Pollution-free pest control technology

First, the characteristics of vegetable diseases and weeds
1. Long time of occurrence of pests and diseases;
2. There are many kinds of pests and diseases;
3. A large number of pests and diseases occur;
4. Heavy output loss;
5. Strong drug resistance;
6. The probl

Silkworm cocoon processing and utilization

Silkworm cocoons are cocoons of the silkworm moth family, or cocoons of the larvae of the genus Bombycidae. The national sericulture area is produced. It is mainly taken from cocoon after cocooning, washed, or dried. Among them, silkworm cocoons are sweet, salty, and flat. Yipi tonic, Chufan t

Three-way hybrid pig breeding technology

Three-way hybrid pigs have a fast production rate (145 days from birth to 100 kg of bred - 155 days), a high lean body carcass rate (15-23% higher than that of a binary pig), good meat quality, and a high feed conversion rate (weight The ratio is 2.5-2.8:1) and so on. The three-way hybrid seri

The role of glucose in rabbit breeding

Glucose is a monosaccharide produced by hydrolysis of starch and is a colorless crystal. Odorless, sweet and incompatible with commonly used drugs. Oral administration can be quickly absorbed from the small intestine, increase energy supplements to the body, improve tissue metabolism, and incr

How to raise green broilers

In recent years, the incidence of broiler chickens is high and it is not easy to prevent and control, which raises the cost of raising the livestock and reduces the benefits. This has caused the farmers to face a dilemma.
How to raise broilers and increase efficiency? The lessons learned

Early rice thrown in should pay attention to lodging

Plastic floppy seedlings were planted in early rice because of the strong growth in the early stage. The roots were distributed in the surface layer, and the soil was not deep and easy to fall down. The uneven density resulted in the local density being too large, and the air and light and

Plum bonsai cultivation

Plums are very popular with people because of their colorful and rich fragrance. The plum bonsai is both pleasing and fruitful and popular with people.
Root stocks and varieties of selected stock stocks use dwarf rootstocks, with the grafted varieties have a strong affinity, should us

Single bud grafting jujube

Wild jujube was used as rootstock, and jujube trees were grafted with single bud cutting method. Prepare before harvesting should be appropriate from early February to early March. Cut annual and secondary branches with pure, vigorous, good quality, and no pests. Cut each into 20 cm long branc

Cultivation of high-quality crab species

In recent years, the market price of small crabs has been falling all the way, big crabs have gone all the way, and supply is in short supply. If you want to raise a big crab, you must have a pollution-free crab as a guarantee. The demand for pollution-free crab species has increased throu

Spicy peanut butter production method

The main raw material peanuts 24 kilograms. Glutinous rice flour 26 kg, starch 0.65 kg, salt 4 kg, monosodium glutamate 0.25 kg.
Equipment equipment rolling pan (peanut kernel stick powder), drying cage, oven.
Method of making seasoning pulp: First add 18 kilograms of water and d

Rotary cultivator for safe rotation and cleaning

When walking with a rotary plough unit, the walking tractor should first engage the power output shaft and then hang up the work gear. When the clutch pedal is softly released, the hydraulic control handle is toggled, so that the rotary plough blade can be slowly inserted into the earth and th