Overwintering cultivation techniques of cowpea in greenhouse

First, the rational dense planting of overwintering cowpeas due to the growing season in low temperature, low light environment, photosynthesis blocked, the plant itself is limited nutrition, so when planting must not be too dense to prevent the leaves from each other. Generally take 70 cm, 50

Method for processing oyster mushroom

Choose 7-8 mature oyster mushrooms, remove the mushrooms, and rinse. Take 100 kg of fresh mushrooms and 5 kg of salt, put it in the tank for 3 days to marinate, drain the salt and brine, then add 10 kg of salt to the tank for marinating, 7-10 days to re-start the cylinder, drain the salt and b

Why insect-resistant cotton can resist insects

At present, most of the insect-resistant cottons that are popularized in production are Bt-transgenic cotton, or insect-resistant cotton or Bt cotton. Insect-resistant cotton cultivars are genetically modified by introducing Bacillus thuringiensis (B. thuringiensis) genes into cotton plants to

Japanese grapes will be able to print graphics

Yamanashi Prefecture of Japan has recently developed a method for displaying graphics on grape fruit pieces using a blackout sticker. In the future, people can display the words on the cake to display the message, or use the patt

Winter processing health cabbage dry

First, the choice of materials, picking short legs, white stem, green cabbage. Each tree is best at 150-200 grams. Generally collected in the winter and spring seasons. Second, cleaning, grading cabbage should be soaked in 10% saline for half an hour. Then wash the impurities with flowing clea

Ducks can be raised but they must pay attention to hygiene

Sun Chuqi, a friend of Xiaotang County, Xinshao County, came to us and asked a friend: Recently, there was a high selling price for the ducks and good breeding efficiency. He also wanted to develop farming, but there were no waters near his house and he asked if the ducks could be raised. The

Overwintering Ganlan Management

Through the use of cold-resistant varieties and suitable supporting techniques, the winter cultivation of Ganlan can be carried out. Its products can be listed in the off-season supply of vegetables from March to April, with considerable economic benefits and broad prospects for development. T

Colorful Bird Culture Technology

The colorful literary bird, also known as the multi-colored bird and the phoenix bird, has a gorgeous and colorful plumage. It is one of the most popular high-end ornamental birds currently in the country. It is low and sweet. There are three species of red head, black head and yellow head, ma

Rape winter seedlings ten strokes

Phosphorus and potassium application of phosphorus can promote the development of rapeseed roots and enhance resistance; Potassium can improve rapeseed cold, disease resistance, lodging resistance. Raised soil in temperature-increasing rapeseed fields should be ploughed with cultivating soil t

Cow dung pig "tips"

The use of cow dung to raise pigs is not only cost-effective, but also easy to operate. As long as we master the technology, one can feed 30-40 pigs, which is a good way for farmers to become rich.
After the dried cow dung and the rough clam are evenly mixed, put it into the baking powder

Use and maintenance of the tractor

In summer, the weather is hot and the working conditions of the tractor deteriorate. Attention should be paid to the following issues when using it: 1. To prevent the water temperature from being too high, use scale reducing agents, etc. to thoroughly clean the scale and impurities of the cool