How to water the fish pond in hot season

1. Change the water injection during the day to fill the water at night. Under normal weather conditions, adding water to the fish pond at night, especially at 3 to 4 o'clock or l to 2 o'clock in the evening, can increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the pool water, improve the wa

American scientists say: grass can also be used as a source of clean energy

American scientists said on September 6 that a tall ornamental plant that can be planted in Europe and the United States can provide people with a large amount of clean energy, which will not cause adverse effects such as global warming. According to a Reuters report on September 6, US researc

Summer tomato cultivation techniques in sunlight greenhouse

In order to make full use of the cool summer climate in this region, the climate characteristics of day and night temperature differences and the existing solar greenhouse facility resources, from 2002 to 2003, we carried out the demonstration and promotion of the imported hard fruit type toma

"Chinese Vegetable" Fine Variety Introduction

I. Zhong Gan 19th Cabbage: Medium-maturing, mature 75 days after planting. Oblate, strong resistance to disease, crack ball. The single ball weighs 3 kilograms and has high yield. The output of 667 square meters (1 mu) is about 6,500 kilograms. Second, the pepper on the 26th pepper: medium-mat

How to use micronutrients correctly

In the process of cultivating farmers, farmers always believe that the use of micronutrients in crops can lead to high yields. Actually, the author learned from relevant experts that micronutrient fertilizers are developed according to the needs of different crops or crops at different growth

Correct application of organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer can effectively improve soil physicochemical properties, increase soil organic matter content, improve soil structure, supplement multiple trace elements in soil, and have long-lasting fertilizer effect and no pollution. But it must be applied correctly in order to obtain th

TP stainless steel garlic peeling machine

Before the machine is used, the garlic root must be removed (if not, the time is prolonged), and the root garlic is soaked in water. When peeling, pour about 30 kilograms of garlic into the machine at a time. After about 5 minutes of operation, open the outlet of garlic and drain it on its own

What should be paid attention to when disassembling the tire?

When disassembling the tires, the air in the inner tube should be released first, and be carried out on a clean, smooth, dry, hard and non-oily surface to prevent sand and debris from falling on the inner surface of the inner tire and sticking to the inner surface of the inner tube so as not t

Problems to be noticed in the application of microorganisms

First, the effect of microbial fertilizers to increase production and increase income The microbial fertilizers provide beneficial microorganisms such as nitrogen fixation, phosphate release, and potassium release. These living microorganisms can grow and reproduce in the rhizosphere of pl

Prevention of early deciduous disease in pepper

Early deciduous pepper disease is caused by diseases such as brown spot, leaf spot, and white star disease. All pepper production areas occur. The general reduction of production is 20% to 30%, and the quality is deteriorated and the benefit is reduced. Cause: First, high temperature, high hum

Safe use of maintenance equipment

First, the safe use of welding machine
1. Preparation before work: 1. According to the thickness of the weldment to select the structure of the form, according to the strength to choose the form of the joint. 2. According to the thickness of the weldment to choose the electrode diameter a