Car valve gap suddenly large and small reasons

First, loose screws and fingers slip wire. Rocker seat screw, valve adjustment screw loosening and sliding wire can make valve clearance change; Camshaft thrust solid flange fastening bolt loose makes the camshaft work when the string action, resulting in valve gap suddenly large and small cha

Root rot

Symptoms mainly affect roots and roots. At the beginning of the disease, the diseased part was brownish to dark brown, gradually rotted, and later the skin peeled off. Only the xylem was left, and the vascular bundle browning was seen on the diseased stem. When the humidity is high, the diseas

Occurrence and Control of Cucumber Root-knot Nematode Disease

Cucumber root knot nematode disease is widely distributed and occurs in various parts of China. Many host plants, in addition to cucumber, there are loofah, bitter gourd, wax gourd, watermelon, melon, tomato, pepper, eggplant and other crops. It not only directly affects the growth and develop

Autumn cow breeding attention

First, do a good job: the peak season of cows autumn estrus in August-October. When the cow reaches the breeding period, it should have a moderate lye body condition, too fat or too thin is not conducive to breeding. Therefore, over-fat cows should reduce the supply of concentrates and adjust

August fruit tree management is key

August is a crucial period for fruit development and flower bud growth in most pome fruit, mid-late ripe peaches, and dried fruits. Think that this month should focus on doing two things:
Summer trim. In early August, large trees with excessive supporting branches can be rid of some of th

Protected grape temperature and humidity requirements

Flower buds shoot growth stage. 1. Temperature: Low temperature management after germination to flowering. That is, the post-emergence greenhouse temperature should be lowered from the high level of the end of germination. It should be controlled at 25-28°C during the day and 15°C at nig

Hand-to-arm vibration troubleshooting

In some S195 diesel engines, the vibration of the walking tractor is particularly severe. The driver should not panic and disassemble. The specific diagnostic procedures are as follows: First, check whether the four M12 bolts connected to the engine base and the frame are loose. After the tigh

Eggs in Livestock and Poultry Farming

Eggs are rich in nutrients, not only beneficial to the human body, but also have many wonderful uses in animal husbandry production.
1. Improve livestock fertility rate Feeding 5 eggs every 3 days to the communal animals during the mating season can make the animals have a strong sexu

Watermelon sweetening technology

1. Apply sweetened fertilizer. With 0.75kg of saccharin, add appropriate amount of water to dissolve and boil, soy beans continue to cook for 3 hours, so that sugar infiltrated into the expansion of soybeans made of saccharine beans, and then mixed with 10kg wheat bran, 10kg rice bran, 0.5kg d

The Occurrence and Prevention of Black Scab in Liyuan

Pear scab, also known as scabs and mildew, is one of the major diseases in the pear farm in Yang County. After the onset of disease, it caused early defoliation of pear trees, resulting in the formation of deformed fruit after fruit damage, no commercial nature, and weakening of the tree vigor

Summer cultivation of straw mushrooms

Straw mushroom is a high temperature type mushroom suitable for summer cultivation. The mycelium growth temperature is 28 ~ 39 °C; mushroom temperature 27 ~ 35 °C. First, Jianou sheds are selected for ventilation, water supply is convenient, drainage is easy, sandy loam rich in organic m