Rice processing technology

Basic process flow. The process flow of large and medium-sized enterprises is flexible, and it is suitable for processing different types of raw grains, different raw grains, and different finished product quality rice; it is suitable for processing colored rice and eating brown rice; it is su

One Case of Fault of Guilin-2 Combine Harvester

In the wheat harvest season, a Guilin-2 backpack-style combine harvester Shimoda worked less than 10 meters, the engine smoked black smoke, the speed decreased, then turn off. Separation of power output after the test, the engine is normal. The straw that was not discharged from various parts

Oriental seedling cultivation

Indoor water quality requirements The nursery room water quality meets the requirements of the People's Republic of China National Standard "Fisheries Water Quality Standard" (GB11607--89) and the People's Republic of China's Agricultural Industry Standard "Water Qua

How to manage the seasons of laying hens

1 Spring management Spring is the season when chickens lay eggs and breed. Therefore, the central task of management is to ensure that chickens have high egg production, good fertilization rates and hatchability. Temperatures in the spring began to rise, the physiology of chickens became incre

Garden pests are inserted and treated

Once the branches of the green trees are penetrated by the dry insect pests such as Populus tregans, Sang Longnake, Anoplophora glabripennis, Mongolian Wood Moth, and Moths, etc., the light leaves fall and the whole plant dies. It is difficult for this type of pests to conceal their lives and

Chestnut rainy season under tree management

Most chestnuts are planted on hillsides, valleys and hilly areas and are vulnerable to drought. Therefore, it is very important to manage the trees under the rainy season. The first is the soil and water conservation project at Liyuan. Under the chestnut tree, there are no water and soil conse

One case of high water temperature failure

When a Shanghai-50 tractor was working under normal load, the water temperature was found to be too high, and the engine operation and radiator water volume were normal. Later, it was observed that the flow of water in the upper radiator of the radiator was intermittent, sometimes flowing with

Crab spring breeding techniques

At present, the water temperature is gradually picking up and doing the spring crab production work is the first step to seize the annual high yield of crabs. Currently, the following work needs to be done in crab breeding. 1. After one year of cultivation in the clear pond disinfectant pond,

The main diseases and full-term control of celery

Disease type blight: disease during the nursery period. The roots or roots of the seedlings turn red-brown, and when they are severe, a large number of dead seedlings occur. Leaf spot disease: It mainly damages the leaves. Yellow-green spotted spots appear on the leaves at the initial stage, f

Brazilian turtle breeding technology

1. Although Brazilian tortoises are omnivorous, they are partial animal foods. Under artificial rearing conditions, animal, viscera, fly maggots, and bread worms are mainly used for poultry and pigs. Appropriate mix with fruits, vegetables and mixed feeds to enhance their nutrients. Vitamin E