Good effect of feeding fish or fish

The carp is rich in protein and has relatively complete nutrient content. It is used as a feed for fish farming and has a feeding effect equivalent to or exceeding that of Peruvian fishmeal. It is an excellent protein feed. In the compound feed, fresh quail is mixed in: The general compound fe

Known as "Green DVD" Japan developed a DVD disk of corn material

A Japanese company announced on the 6th that the company has developed a new type of DVD disc. The main material used to make this disc is plastic synthesized from starch extracted from corn. Although it has not been determined when it will be put into mass production

Straw feed production method

Straw feed production methods: 1. Raw material preparation: The various plant stalks are crushed or kneaded, sheep, deer with 0.3-0.5 cm, cattle with 1-2 cm spare, pigs are suitable for powder. 2. Fermentation process: Take cornmeal 5kg, enzyme conversion agent 0.5kg, water 150-180kg (with war

New high-pressure spray (drug) vehicles are favored on the market

Recently, new high-pressure spray (drug) vehicles appearing on the farm machinery market in Henan Province are favored by users. It is understood that this new type of high-pressure green spray car spray truck developed by Linqing City, Shandong Province, has several significant features: Firs