Strengthening aquaculture management during the Meiyu

In the rainy season of aquaculture ponds, the lighting conditions are poor, the water body lacks nutrients, the photosynthesis intensity of phytoplankton is weak, and the excretion of farm animals increases, the water quality is easily deteriorated, and oxygen deficiency is easily caused. The vast -----

Three cups of chicken practice

Ingredients: Chicken wings Practice: Wash chicken wings, put oil in frying pan and fry water vapor, Prepare a cup of soy sauce, a cup of scallion, garlic, garlic, aniseed, a glass of wine, pour into chicken wings. Burn to ten minutes and thicken the soup so that the soup goes into the chicken wing-----

How Tea Management Manages Abnormal Weather

After entering March, the cold air is still more active. From time to time, “shocking” is the crucial period for spring cultivation and preparation of tea. Then, what problems should be paid attention to by the vast number of tea farmers under changing climate conditions? On March 2, th-----

Flusilazole is effective in preventing pear scab

Pear scab is an important disease on pear trees, which can harm the branches, leaves and fruits of pear trees, resulting in a decline in pear yield and quality. Fruit farmers often suffer from problems such as poor control efficacy due to improper use of drugs. To this end, the Fruit Research Insti-----

How to reduce pig infectious diseases

How to reduce pig infectious diseases The rapid fermentation of wastes such as feces can effectively prevent the occurrence of swine diseases. As long as wastes such as pigs, human feces, and pig litter are properly and timely disposed of, they can effectively improve the hygiene conditions for f-----