Prevention and Control Techniques of Mango Soot

Fungal diseases. At present, six kinds of pathogens causing mango sooty disease have been found in China. Damage leaves, shoots, fruits, affect leaf photosynthesis and fruit appearance. Control methods: First, the planting and pruning are reasonable and the canopy is kept airy and transparent. The-----

What is slow/controlled release fertilizer

1. Controlled release fertilizer. The generalized controlled-release fertilizers include all slow-release fertilizers that can prolong the release period of nutrients, and the exact controlled release fertilizers mean that the nutrient release is set by a certain regulation mechanism or measure to-----

Integrated control of rust on the onion

At present, the occurrence of small onion disease is widespread. Farmers have no control over the prevention and treatment of rust, which often results in reduced onion production and deterioration of quality and affects onion farmers' income. For this reason, based on the actual situation in t-----

Fertilizer special effects

Crop application of bacterial fertilizer has the following special effects: 1, to increase the role of fertilizer utilization. With the large-scale use of chemical fertilizers, it has been a well-known fact that its utilization rate is continuously decreasing. The Golden Baby Bacterium has a uniq-----

Seaweed fertilizer magical effect

Seaweed fertilizer is a representative of advanced fertilizers in the world today. Extensive use in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, South Africa and other countries shows that seaweed fertilizer can promote early maturation of crops, increase production and improve quality, in the p-----