Snowy season eats "black" food "bitter&q…

On December 7, we celebrated the heavy snowfall in the solar calendar on the 24th of the lunar calendar. At this time, the weather was colder, less precipitation, and the air was dry. Nutrition experts suggest that during the snow season, the public should eat more black food and bitter food. The -----

Winter lettuce cultivation and management techniques

1 Variety selection: Choose varieties with strong cold resistance, disease resistance and strong adaptability, such as the emperor, Salinas, and Great Lakes 659. The nursery should choose fertile sandy loam with strong water retention and fertility. 2 Seedling preparation: As the seeds of lettuce-----

Misuse of prescriptions leads to tragedy

In Weihai Economic Area, a woman bought a bottle of aminopyrine caffeine tablets (naoqing tablets) that was prescribed drugs at a pharmacy without prescription and then swallowed about 100 tablets, which became a vegetative state. Weilin Municipal District Court Fenglin The court recently -----

Snow Festival diet tips

On December 7 or 8 each year, when the sun goes through 255 degrees, it is one of the "snowfalls" of the 24th solar season. Heavy snow, as its name suggests, has a large amount of snow. The ancients said: "The big ones, Sheng Yeh, and thus Xuesheng also." At this time, the snow-----