Pharmaceutics Merchants Drugs Investment Agents "M…

Refined management is an objective requirement for the sustainable development of pharmaceutical companies. It is an important means to break through the homogenization of market competition and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. It also enables companies and agents to establ-----

Application of Refractometer in Measuring Brix of Jam

1. Sampling Take 20-50 grams of jam or orange sauce in a beaker and mix well with a plastic spoon. Take 2-3 drops of sample on the prism surface 2. Measurement method ● Jam 1) Take 2-3 drops of jam or orange sauce on the surface of the prism and cover the sample. Ensure that the sample ev-----

Five Measures to Prevent Fire from Harvesters

The autumn harvest is on the way. The majority of agricultural machinery operators on the 895 farms aim at early autumn and autumn, and the weather is hot and dry. During the harvesting process, the harvester can easily cause fire if the operation is inadvertent. Focus on the following five measur-----

Chickens regrouped at 10 weeks of age

The practice of raising chickens proves that chicks can be regrouped again by the age of 10 weeks. why? According to endocrinologists, the levels of corticotropin and corticosterone in the blood of chickens before 10 weeks of age are not much changed, but after 10 weeks of age, the chicks will be f-----

Shuanghui reveals that "Clenbuterol" incident…

"Clenbuterol" is like a heavy blow and hit the largest meat product company in the country, Shuanghui. A few days ago, Shuanghui Group Chairman Wan Long said in an interview with the media that Shuanghui had lost 1 billion yuan in sales in 10 days. However, the impact of the &quo-----