Big cherry winter and early spring management points

Fertilization and Irrigation In autumn, basal manure should be dominated by organic fertilizers, supplemented by phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, and in addition to large amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, some trace elements should be added, such as Wotianjia and Mumeitu Liviu. -----

Fruit trees defend against "cold winter"

Every spring, the “cold spring” has become a major “killer” for the production and income increase of Fruit trees. What effective measures can be taken to minimize the losses caused by such natural disasters? The “cold spring” has caused damage to all fruit tre-----

Pepper field cultivation in winter

Management before and after easing seedlings: 1. Before easing seedlings, heat preservation and moisturizing are the main methods. In order to increase ground temperature, mulch film shall be timely covered after planting. If no plastic film is covered, cultivator can be cultivated. After easing t-----

Winter farm machinery put five off

First, maintenance off. After entering winter, it is necessary to perform a high standard maintenance on the tractor and thoroughly remove, clean, adjust and lubricate all parts of the tractor to ensure the oil circuit, circuit and water passage, and no oil leakage or water leakage. Leakage, no le-----

Five factors affecting dryer efficiency

The dryer is one of the washing machines and is generally used to remove moisture from the material after the water has been eluted. Most dryers include a rotating drum that is driven by a belt with hot air around the drum to evaporate moisture. The drying cylinders all adopt the principle of positi-----