What are the main new technologies for fertilization?

At present, the fertilization structure in agricultural production is still very unreasonable. There are widespread misunderstandings in fertilizer application such as unscientific fertilization, insufficient fertilizer input, structure and proportion of fertilizers, which seriously affect the hig-----

Aquaculture pond bottom improvement measures

Ponds are places where aquaculture animals live. Environmental conditions directly affect the survival and growth of aquatic animals. Scientifically controlling aquaculture water quality is the key to improving the growth rate of cultured species, achieving disease reduction and achieving high yiel-----

Development of enzyme preparations in Jizhong

First, the status quo Traditionally, the vast majority of industrial enzyme preparations have been produced through the collection, extraction, processing and purification of large-scale fermentation of special microorganisms. This requires complicated and expensive equipment investment and proce-----

Grape Cutting Nursery Management Technology

1. The collection of the cuttings of the cuttings must be carried out after deciduous cutting in conjunction with winter cutting. High-yielding, high-quality twigs should be selected as the parent tree for cuttings. Do not cut the cuttings on the unsuccessful saplings and on the poor trees that are-----

The future of ultrasound technology

Release date: 2006-09-07 The future of ultrasound technology As early as five or six years ago, many tertiary hospitals in China have been equipped with color ultrasound. Now, some top three hospitals even have 2 to 6 color ultrasound, and nearly half of the secondary hospitals have been equip-----

Cultivation Techniques of Edible Mushroom Tea Cheru

Chapa Ru is an excellent edible mushroom cultivated in recent years and is known as the "Chinese Ru Wang." Its handle is crunchy, fragrant, high-yield and easy to cultivate, and has high promotion value. In Southeast Asian countries such as Japan and Singapore, the value of dry goods per -----