Golden Baby Bacterial Fertilizer

Golden Baby Bacterial Fertilizer Grass carp, also known as carp, is a staple food for aquatic and terrestrial plants, particularly for grasses and animal foods such as insects. If the supply of forage grass is sufficient, grass carp can also feed on pasture. Compared with other fish, its meat qua-----

Two Feeding Methods for New Swine Breeding

At present, most of the pigs adopt two methods: one is the “hanging shelf” rearing method. In the early stage, a large amount of green and roughage feeds are used, and the amount of fine material is small. When the pig grows to 50-60 kg, the high-energy concentrate is raided. fatten. Al-----

Taxus cultivation techniques

Blight of yew is also called seedling damping-off. After getting the disease, the dead people call it fall disease, and those who die are not sick. According to the law of occurrence of seedling blight, comprehensive prevention and treatment measures based on nursery techniques should be adopted. -----

Meat lion goose feeding management technology

There are many kinds of geese in China, and different breeds have different management methods for feeding. However, in the past a long period of time, due to less research on geese, the production technology of geese has lagged behind. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the livin-----

Dairy cow high-yielding feeding management in summer

The suitable temperature for cow production is 8~16°C. In hot summer, when the outdoor temperature exceeds 30°C, the intake of cows will decrease, the body weight will decrease, and the milk production will decrease (generally, the milk production is reduced by 25%~50% than the appropriate t-----